7 Mistakes you are most likely to make in your search for a Makeup Academy

Why do you want to learn makeup? Possibly your answer is “I am very passionate about it” or since childhood, I loved doing makeup. Now you have decided to become a makeup artist and went on google, checked with your friends etc. to find a place where you can learn makeup.

This is the time when you are most probably going to make a tremendous amount of mistakes in selecting your Makeup Academy from where you can learn makeup and turn your passion into a profession. The question is are you really aware of the industry and what exactly a Professional Makeup Artist does? If your answer is Bridal then you are 15 years behind, Catch up!

Let us look at the 7 most common mistakes you will make to learn makeup from a Makeup Academy.

Distance of your Makeup Academy

You will most likely select a Makeup Academy which is closest to your home and hence compromising on the quality of education. If you would have gone a little extra mile you would have gotten a better Makeup Academy but you will choose convenience. Honestly, If you cannot commute then you cannot become a Makeup Artist because you have to travel a lot. Literally, you have to fall in love with traffic.

If you are lucky then you may have the best Makeup School right next to your house but if you want to be successful then you have got to target the best academy in the town. Distance should not matter, Education should.


We often receive direct messages asking for our fees, prices, or charges via WhatsApp. When this happens, it’s apparent that the student’s primary focus isn’t the curriculum, course specifics, or mentorship we provide. They’re engaging in ‘window shopping,’ likely to opt for the academy with the lowest fees.

Choosing an academy solely based on fees is a critical mistake for aspiring makeup artists. Your career path shouldn’t hinge on the cheapest option. If the budget is a concern, it’s better to save and wait than settle for mediocrity. Remember, this is your career, not a trivial purchase like groceries.


We’re all attracted to ‘free,’ but let’s pause and question: Is it truly free? Why would someone offer something without a catch? Beware of the allure of ‘Free Makeup Kit’ or similar offers. Your choice of an academy shouldn’t be swayed by complimentary gifts. Instead, prioritize the mentorship and curriculum. You’re here to master a specialized skill set. After it all ends, it’s your acquired makeup artistry skills that propel your career, not the allure of gifts.


Some might be drawn to the glamour and rush into admissions without understanding the makeup academy’s fundamentals.

  • Who are the instructors?
  • What’s included in the curriculum?
  • What certification does it offer?
  • Are further courses necessary?
  • Check Google reviews.
  • Assess the school’s Instagram.
  • Review their credentials.

Before visiting, it’s essential to conduct basic research about the makeup school.

Ignoring Education

I’m perplexed by the notion that becoming a Makeup Artist doesn’t require education. We often encounter students aged 16 or 18, choosing to forego senior school or not complete their education. While social media may spotlight successful college dropouts, have you considered the millions who couldn’t make it? Education fosters maturity and awareness, crucial qualities for Professional Makeup Artists who collaborate with fashion designers, photographers, directors, and high-end clientele seeking assurance and expertise.

Consider this: How would you handle quotes, Profit and Loss sheets, or complex business scenarios?

Learning Online

Post-Covid, a surge in online makeup tutorials emerged: ‘Learn Bridal Makeup for 200 rupees!’ Sounds enticing, but can you truly buy this?

Professional makeup can’t be mastered online. Attending in-person classes is essential. That 200 bucks might seem smart, but it’s not. You join a Zoom session only to be pitched another course. The nuances of the brush, close client work, and lighting—demand a hands-on approach. Not everything fits online; some things require a physical presence


This is disheartening—some of you might abandon your dreams because of opinions from family, friends, or others who underestimate the potential of being a Professional Makeup Artist. It’s a thriving profession offering immense satisfaction and perks. If you truly desire it, fight for it. Don’t let opinions of those unfamiliar with the industry sway you.

Now, here’s the catch—many won’t read this amidst endless scrolling on reels and Facebook. But if you’re here, congratulations! These insights are valuable, shared with love and genuine wishes for your success. Stay true to your goals, resist marketing ploys, choose excellence, and become the best version of yourself

You can call us for makeup artist course counselling and join our next professional makeup course batch. We have students all over the country and we select our students.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is makeup a good career?

A. Making others feel beautiful and camera-ready is a great way to express oneself creatively in the beauty industry. Makeup artists are constantly in demand as the beauty industry expands.

Q2. Is it difficult to learn makeup?

A. It takes a lot of effort to develop professional makeup techniques, both theoretically and practically. The better the course is for improving your skill, the more intensive it is. You should be able to prepare for the demands of the industry at the cosmetics school that you select.

Q3. Is it too late to learn makeup?

A. It is never too late to pursue a career in makeup. One of the best things about makeup artistry is that the techniques and tactics are continuously evolving, keeping things fresh and ensuring that you’re always learning.