7 Mistakes you are most likely to make in your search for a Makeup Academy

Why do you want to learn makeup? Possibly your answer is “I am very passionate about it” or since childhood, I loved doing makeup. Now you have decided to become a makeup artist and went on google, checked with your friends etc. to find a place where you can learn makeup.

This is the time when you are most probably going to make a tremendous amount of mistakes in selecting your Makeup Academy from where you can learn makeup and turn your passion into a profession.

The question is are you really aware of the industry and what exactly a Professional Makeup Artist does? If your answer is Bridal then you are 15 years behind, Catch up!

Let us look at the 7 most common mistakes you will make to learn makeup from a Makeup Academy.

Distance of your Makeup Academy

You will most likely select a Makeup Academy which is closest to your home and hence compromising on the quality of education. If you would have gone a little extra mile you would have gotten a better Makeup Academy but you will choose convenience. Honestly, If you cannot commute then you cannot become a Makeup Artist because you have to travel a lot. Literally, you have to fall in love with traffic.

If you are lucky then you may have the best Makeup School right next to your house but if you want to be successful then you have got to target the best academy in the town. Distance should not matter, Education should.


We have so many students who ping us on WhatsApp and straight up ask-

  • Fees?
  • Price?
  • What are your charges?
  • Rate Please?

Right at that very moment, we know that this student is not concerned with the curriculum, course details, mentor or anything else we have to offer. All we know is that there is window shopping going on and the student will most likely select an academy that has the cheapest “fees”.

If you select the academy basis the fees then you are making the most epic mistake of failing as a makeup artist. If you don’t have the budget then save it! Do not settle for average. It’s your career and not tomatoes and potatoes.


All of us like something free but wait a minute, Is it really free? Why would anyone give you anything for free? This is where you fall into the trap of Free Makeup Kit, Free this and Free that. Please do not select a place because they are giving something for free, Your entire focus has to be on the mentor and the curriculum. You are here to learn niche skillset always remember that. Once it’s all over then it is just you and your professional makeup artistry skills which will move you further in life, not the gifts ghosh!


A few of you may be one of those who will fall for the glitz and the glam and blindly take admission without finding out the basics of the makeup academy.

  • Who will teach me?
  • What will be taught?
  • What type of makeup certification it is?
  • Do I have to do any other course after this?
  • Google reviews?
  • How is Instagram looking?
  • What are the credentials?

At least do some basic research even before you visit the makeup school.

Ignoring Education

I am not sure why is this perception made that to become a Makeup Artist you don’t need to be educated. We have several students who are 16 or 18 dropping out from senior school or not graduating. I know social media has taught you that many of the successful people are college dropouts or did not finish school however have you ever thought that there are millions who couldn’t make it either? Education brings maturity and awareness and Professional Makeup Artists need to be well educated as they have to work with fashion designers, photographers, directors, and corporate and high-end clients who need assurance and experience.

How would you manage your quotations, Profit and Loss sheets and difficult business-related situations?

Learning Online

After Covid, this massive trend started of teaching makeup online, Learn Bridal Makeup in 200 rupees !! Wow seriously, How can you even buy this?

Makeup can never be learnt online at least professional makeup, You have got to learn this in person. You think you are smart in paying that 200 bucks but you ain’t. You go to that zoom session and then they pitch you another course. The pressure of the brush, Working closely on a client, the lighting, the tint everything needs to be done personally. Move your body, Not everything is meant to be online.


This is the worse of all, Few of you will just give up your dream because your husband, father, mother, relatives, friends anyone of them said that it’s not a great profession and they should not pursue it. Professional Makeup Artist is now a serious profession with great perks and job satisfaction. Fight it out if you really want it. Don’t give up if someone who doesn’t even know a bit about this industry is telling you to quit. They don’t know !

In the end, The problem is many of you won’t even read this blog because you are too busy scrolling reels and Facebook. But if you are reading this then hey congratulations! these are advices which will take you a long way, We are blunt but we mean all the love and good wishes for you. Don’t compromise, Don’t fall for marketing, Choose the best and become the best.

You can call us for makeup artist course counselling and join our next professional makeup course batch. We have students all over the country and we select our students.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is makeup a good career?

A. Making others feel beautiful and camera-ready is a great way to express oneself creatively in the beauty industry. Makeup artists are constantly in demand as the beauty industry expands.

Q2. Is it difficult to learn makeup?

A. It takes a lot of effort to develop professional makeup techniques, both theoretically and practically. The better the course is for improving your skill, the more intensive it is. You should be able to prepare for the demands of the industry at the cosmetics school that you select.

Q3. Is it too late to learn makeup?

A. It is never too late to pursue a career in makeup. One of the best things about makeup artistry is that the techniques and tactics are continuously evolving, keeping things fresh and ensuring that you’re always learning.