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Bridal Makeup Expertise requires solid foundation and Industry experience. Our makeup course includes everything you need to know to become a Bridal Makeup Artist.

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Experience learning by the best in the industry with award-winning Mentor MJ Shekhar IFA2021 & 2023 winner awarded by Mr. Sonu sood and Mrs. Shilpa Shetty Kundra

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All important sessions are taken directly by award winning Mentor and Senior Makeup Artist MJ Shekhar. Your experience will be at next level without paying exuberently.

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We remain committed to the quality of our services and trainings. We maintain a world class standard for the best results. We are ISO-9001 Certified company. Our workshop is recognized among Top 10 trend setting workshops globally.

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“Bridal Makeup is a pivotal sector in the competitive makeup industry. However, it’s no shortcut to instant success. Hard work is essential. At MJG, we prepare you thoroughly for the challenges ahead, ensuring you’re skilled and ready for any situatio

About the Course

Tenure ~ 1.5 Months

Eligibility – Above 18 Years

Portfolio Photoshoot

On Job Training

Bonus : Freelance Master Class

Airbrush Makeup Demo included

Exams to be cleared for certification

MJ Shekhar , Co-Founder and top trainer in India will be personally training the students in master class format.

About the Course Fees

INR 60000

Inclusive GST, Payment of INR 10000 in advance to block the seat which is non-refundable, Read Policy

Pay INR 25000 in 2 installments

The Fees is GST 18% inclusive, Additional Basic Kit required to be invested from student’s end.

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Bridal Makeup Course Curriculum

We always start from basics and in this Bridal Makeup course, we will do the same. It is very important to know and understand the industry, Products and techniques.

  • Induction: Getting you all set up for the course ahead.
  • MJ’s Makeup Kit: Get to see MJ’s Makeup kit and begin your journey as Bridal Makeup Artist

We know you are excited ! But hang on we need to understand the concept and theories first to give you that solid base which will always  give you an edge in the market. Learning Artistry has to be detailed.

  • Makeup Tools , Products & Brands :Understanding in detail about various essential Makeup tools , different products and Brands. Market is full of products however you must know as a professional what you buy , when to buy and how to buy.
  • Color Theory :Understanding all about color from an eye of a makeup artist. Makeup is all about using the right colors for the right time. Learn the techniques to look at the color.
  • Face Anatomy :This is where you learn the art of understanding the face. Shape of the face, eyes, lips etc. to come up with an action plan for your client. Everyone is different and so will be the makeup !
  • Skin Theory :Finally the skin which is going to be the canvas of your art, Deep understanding of skin – Texture , tones, under tones and types. Deep understanding of product usage as per the skin.
  • Building your Makeup Kit : No Makeup Kit is ever complete but we teach you the best way to build and maintain in the best cost efficient manner and yet maintain world class quality.
  • Skin Care :A perfect makeup needs a great skin condition.  It is important to know how to handle the skin and take care of it for a longer run for both your client and yourself.
  • Skin Prep & Hygiene (CTM) : Learn skin preparation technique before you begin makeup. How to ensure you maintain hygiene of your tools, products and yourself. This is very important.
  • Eye Brows Shaping and Prep
  • Lip Structuring
  • Makeup Applications :  Foundation , Contouring , Priming Brows application, Eye shadow application, Liner and mascara application, Lash application, Lens application, Concealer , Highlighting(strobing) , Bronzing , Lip base, Lipstick application, Blush , Glitter application and much more.

We cover every single technique from basic to advance. You will be equipped to handle any client with any makeup requirement with all the techniques required to handle the project.

We believe India wears the best makeup and being the most diverse country in the world it is important to understand culture, Traditions and world class makeup skills.

Learn 5 different most common Bridal Makeup in India from MJ
•North Indian
•South Indian

Every wedding has different stages and occasion and you will learn every stage to handle any kind of makeup to perfection. There will be exhaustive practice sessions for you to handle any bridal makeup. This includes Sangeeth& Mehndi looks | Matured Skin and Party look.

Customs & Traditions
Just not makeup but its important to understand the wedding itself. We want you to be able to connect to your clients by understanding their rituals and customs.

On Job Training basis availability and wedding season
Bridal Exam to be cleared for certification
Professional Portfolio Shoot
Airbrush Makeup Demonstration

Basic to Advanced Contemporary Hair Styling

  • Hair Preparation: Understand how to prepare the hair of your client before you begin styling it.
  • Understanding Hair Tools and application
  • Techniques
    • Curling(All types) | Blow Dry ( In curls/Out curls)
    • Crimping | Creating Volume in Hair
    • Straightening | Extension application
    • Back combing | Donut application | Braiding
    • Messy Buns | Waterfall | Pinning Technique
    • Neat Buns | Crown Styling
    • South Indian Jada assembly
    • North Indian Bridal Hairstyle
    • Braiding Techniques
    • Mangh Tika Fixing
    • Hair Accessories decoration, design and assembly and more

Hairstyling trends keep evolving, Management may decide to include new hairstyles and discontinue certain hairstyling depending on the trend. We want you to learn the latest.

  • Learn South Indian Styles of Sari Draping and Variations
  • Learn North Indian and Bengali Sari Drapes
  • Sari Pleating and Finishing
  • Lehnga and Dupatta Fixing and draping
  • Madisar Drape

Once you have learnt Makeup Skills it is time now to understand how you would start earning from your skills. In this 2 days special master class, our industry expert will help you step-by-step lay the foundation of your makeup artist career. This class is exclusive to MJG and not done anywhere in the India and becomes a turning point of this course. Details to be provided during course counselling.

– 6 Month action plan post-completion of the course

– Market Penetration techniques

– Social Media Handling

– Customer segmentation

– Marketing and Closing on Sales

– Customer handling science

– Portfolio Building techniques

– Lead Generation

We look at our course & certification as career milestones and take a holistic approach rather than just teaching you about makeup. We go beyond and work hard to make you versatile, confident and an entrepreneur. Our exclusive content and approach have helped many who are inspired to achieve a goal.

  • Airbrush Makeup Demonstration: Understanding the equipment, Technique and application
  • Tattoo Concealing
  • Matured Skin Makeup
  • How to handle your own personality and develop it.
  • Portfolio Photoshoot
  • On Job Training
  • Customer classification & Handling
  • Master class on Freelancing
  • Male Grooming
  • Basic Photography
  • Photo Editing

The rest of the content is exclusive, To know more take a face-to-face appointment for course counselling. From your health to your skills we cover it all.

Awarded Best Makeup Academy and makeup artist in India, 2021 & 2023 (IFA Awards)

We are an Internationally certified training provider accredited by BIA, London. Your professional makeup certification will hold prestige and value.

With ISO-9001 2015 accreditation be rest assured that you will be joining a world-class academy with state-of-the-art facilities and teaching methods ensuring quality is given the first priority.

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