How to become a Makeup Artist in India ?

Make-up the 7000 year old thing has never been a joke. From Egypt to Persia and China almost every inch of earth where humans lived there stayed makeup. Why make-up ? all had one goal in mind, Yes of course to look beautiful and if you look beautiful you are happy. I am not going to tell you a soul-touching reason behind this anyways.]

During 1900s came a time when learning makeup was not as popular as it was associated with women in the prostitution trade or some kind of showbiz. In 1915, a Kansas legislature proposed to make it a misdemeanor for women under the age of forty-four to wear cosmetics “for the purpose of creating a false impression

You see make-up is an art and has way too many technicalities that you can imagine. It’s not always steps 1 2 3, It’s like painting on a blank 3D object. The shades, the color, the strokes, the brushes – All this can be overwhelming. The most difficult part of make-up is the feedback from the client. Beauty is subjective to you it may be the best make-up ever and for the client, it may appear to be no big deal.

So here are 5 ways you can become “THE” Make-up artist

1. Join a professional course

It may be obviously told to you that you are a great artist, You may have spent #amazing amount of time going through online videos however a professional makeup course will not only teach you the smallest and finest strokes but it will also put you in a real environment of make-up. However do a good research before throwing all that money on an academy. Talk to them understand everything before subscribing to the classes. Bottom line do not be a self-taught artist (It’s good for a story) however many companies and client’s won’t give business to you if you are not certified.

2. Interpersonal Skills

If you are here to make fame and money then you better start talking to your client really well. #Clients specially on wedding occasion look out for proper hand holding and consultation for bridal makeup look, They want to be understood to its finest detail and they want to feel comfortable with you. If your work is top class but your response to the client is not up to the mark , You will NOT get that assignment

3. Uniqueness

There comes a point when client gets bored seeing the same work and same photos from every artist profile they visit. If you are doing exactly the same as others are then you will remain average. Create your own signature looks, Be an artist and not impersonate others. It’s all about creativity and thinking out of box.

The more you create the better makeup artist you become, The better you become the more you earn appreciation and respect. Money will find its own way !

Beautiful Model Makeup in Bangalore

4. Social Media Presence

You can’t be in ” I hate Facebook or Instagram mode” if you want to show your work to the world. Every popular makeup artists have online foot prints or lets say they are popular because they have online foot prints. However opening a new account will just not do, You will have to understand the SEO and a high level of digital marketing. Maybe I will write a blog on this separately in coming days. And remember point 3 , Be #unique , Find out what is clicking and what is not.

5. What is your Personality ?

30% of clients decide to give business to you basis your personality which includes your communication. Look and talk both like a #DIVA.

Clients will feel confident seeing makeup on yourself and the way you dress and the way you talk. A proper check out process will being in the first 5 minutes of face to face discussion. However this is where most of the artists go wrong, They start looking like a #bride :) Be subtle , wear awesome and #smile.


So there you have it, It’s just not how well you do make-up however it’s your own personality, creativity, communication , online presence and ability to work under pressure will make you successful. You have got to be in love with Make-up to be an artist.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

u003cstrongu003eQ. What are the required qualifications to become a makeup artist?u003c/strongu003e

u003cstrongu003eA.u003c/strongu003e A makeup artist needs a lot of skills to be able to create flawless looks. They need to have an eye for color and textures, a good sense of fashion, and be able to work with different kinds of people.

u003cstrongu003eQ. How do makeup artists start their careers?u003c/strongu003e

u003cstrongu003eA.u003c/strongu003e Many makeup artists start their careers by working in a professional makeup salon. They will get a job as an assistant and learn the ropes of the industry, then move up to becoming a makeup artist. Others start out in other fields, like fashion, where they work their way into the industry.

u003cstrongu003eQ.u003c/strongu003e u003cstrongu003eWhat is a makeup artist academy?u003c/strongu003e

u003cstrongu003eA. u003c/strongu003eA makeup artist academy is a school that teaches people the skills of makeup artistry. They teach students how to create a professional portfolio and how to become a makeup artist.