Is It Worth Spending on the Right Professional Makeup Course? – A Guide

If you are a makeup enthusiast and looking forward to learning Professional Makeup and getting certified then you must read this article till the end.

Out of every 10 students who visit our International Makeup Academy, almost 8 will have no idea about the industry, They have either seen a lot of youtube videos or have been wrongly informed about Makeup Artistry. Nevertheless, we take them through a path of course counselling and help them understand the job role.

In India, we have many who still consider Makeup Artists as Beauticians or vice versa, Which is absolutely not the case. You will have to choose one path you can’t be a specialist in both.

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Coming back to being a Professional Makeup Artist is not easy as you would have thought, It needs investment, time and a lot of hard work. Learning makeup from the right mentor or the makeup academy will decide your future as a Makeup Artist. As customers are more informed and particular about makeup these days, You will have a very stressful time with them beating down your confidence levels to zero if your basic skillset is not up to the mark.

If you are planning to make it big then you will have to start your training with an excellent Mentor and hey if you are expecting this to be done with cheap money then please wake up. If someone is giving you the skills with though which they got successful then it is sharing of intellectual property. They are literally teaching you how to be successful.

Learning makeup and getting certified is expensive however it has equally high returns if done right. World-class Makeup products come with a price however their finish and feel are also out of the world. You may feel smart for a while by joining something sub-standard however trust me the suffering is endless after a while.

5 Reasons why it is worth spending on the right Makeup Course

1. Business investment – Like any business this is a little price you pay for setting up your freelancing or bridal studio business. Professional Makeup Artistry is an amazing career however you need to invest in it wisely. Find the top academy with the best mentor and invest your makeup course fee in learning the art of makeup and beyond.

2. Priceless Experience – When you learn from a senior makeup artist and a reputed academy then besides makeup techniques you learn from their experiences which is priceless. Experience in this industry is invaluable, This will prepare you for your future as a better Artist for a long-term career.

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3. Comparing Makeup Course Fee – We are certainly not telling you that expensive is always good. You must check several factors like the course curriculum, Who is going to be the mentor, What sort of certification they are providing etc. Sometimes Makeup Academy will include makeup products, model charges, Photoshoot charges and other collaterals into your fees and it would appear it’s a great deal but clearly, you might be overpaying for the course. Please remember it is the makeup and product knowledge which has to be given importance and not the 5-star facilities. If it is a mentor with 1-2 years of experience then I would stay away, Find someone with at least a decade of experience teaching you. Compare the course fee of different makeup schools and then arrive at something that suits you. If you don’t have the money then you save it but don’t compromise and settle with something ordinary.

4. Sharing Intellectual Property – Another reason professional makeup courses are expensive is that the Senior Makeup artist is teaching you the niche skills required which leads her/him to become successful. You will not find them in books, It has to be taught and so it will come with a price. This is why artists with little experience will charge you less in comparison to senior and famous artists. You have to decide to go for cheap and learn nothing or go for expensive and learn everything. Compare this with a famous chef sharing a secret recipe.

5. Teaching is hard work – Learning makeup is not easy and it is super technical, Customers are difficult and handling them needs nerves and a lot of patience. You will take some time to learn these smaller but extremely important ways from your Mentor Senior Makeup Artist. It is super hard to teach such classic skills. You pay for the hard work your coach is spending on you.

We have makeup schools charging up to 6 lakhs and then we have local parlours charging 20 thousand and online courses charging 500 rupees, To be honest, all are at extremes and I wouldn’t recommend joining any of these. Makeup Course fees anywhere under a lakh with a solid course curriculum should set you upright.

Now you have to decide whether you will save money and rather join a top makeup school than compromise with an average less experienced makeup trainer. You might feel that you cracked a great deal but in the long run, you will also realize that you made a big mistake.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1.What quality does a makeup artist need to have the most?

A. A makeup artist needs to have the ability to adapt to different environments and situations. This is because Professional Makeup Artists are always in an environment where they need to be ready for anything that comes their way. This means that they need to have a wide range of skills and knowledge so that they can do what needs to be done without any hesitation.

Q2. What are the benefits of being a makeup artist?

A. It is important to understand the job’s requirements and whether or not it is worth being a makeup artist. The thing is that bridal makeup artists can be a very lucrative career choice. They can make a lot of money while working with different people in different environments.

Q3.What is the future of makeup artists?

A. The future of makeup artists is changing. The demand for makeup artists is increasing because of the popularity of social media influencers and YouTube beauty vloggers. The future of makeup artists is looking bright. The demand for makeup artists is increasing as more and more people want to look good on social media. Now People are more concerned about personal grooming.