Makeup Artist’s Guide to : How to get Your Wedding Looks Right

It’s your wedding finally!

Love and excitement is in the air. Families are meeting over dinner to decide

  • The theme of the wedding
  • Dress You will wear
  • The Pandit
  • The Photographer
  • The guest list
  • The Chinese starters etc.

You have already started planning and negotiating with the vendors in preparation of this big special day.

You want everything to be organized and hassle free as you have heard you friend telling you how weddings can be extremely stressful and chaotic at one point. Like any bride you want this to be a perfect occasion. So, you are ticking the checklist, one by one.

  • Wedding Planner – Check
  • Dress & Jewelry – Check
  • Catering – Check
  • Mantapa – Check
  • Decoration- Check
  • Accommodation for guests – Check
  • Invitation Cards – Check
  • Honeymoon Destination – Check

Hair and Makeup Artist for a wedding? – Let’s talk about this one in detail to get you the best wedding look!

If you are interested in learning how to choose the best makeup artist for your wedding or event, We have already talked about the tips of choosing the best makeup artist

So, let’s begin.

How do you get your best wedding look from your Makeup Artist?

You must be wondering and questioning yourself, if I have chosen the best makeup artist then why do I have to really worry about the best wedding look? You are right and wrong at the same time.

Let us explain,

Right because the best makeup artist will have the experience, skills, products, potential and you will look gorgeous.

Wrong because if the best makeup artist is not on boarded well then you will end up with not so expected look.

Here are 5 tips on to get Your Wedding Looks Right

  1. Tell your Makeup Artist – “Everything”

Makeup Artist must know what family trend is and how their acceptance to makeup do. If you had some weddings in your family and the look and trend was appreciated, then it is always a great idea to run those pictures with your artist.

You may want to talk about your likes and dislikes along with your preference and make-up brands you really like. If you have had a bad makeup experience in the past, do not hesitate to discuss the same. Makeup Artist is the best one will certainly appreciate this information as with these inputs they will start planning your look.

2. Photos are not “Real”

You were browsing and you saw some really amazing bridal looks on internet. You absolutely loved the look and now you expect your artist to exactly create the same look on you. Let us understand this, Lighting, Hue and tint plays a major role in photos. What looks super bad in color photo may look amazing in black & white and vice versa.

On top of all this if it’s Photo-shopped then everything looks pretty. Your skin tone, texture, shape of the face and many other factors decide the kind of makeup will go/suit your personality. Do not insist your makeup artist if they are not in agreement. You will not get the exact look, however makeup can be inspired from a certain photo as a reference. Trust your makeup artist!

3. The “Crowd”

Makeup Artist absolutely love to work in silence as they are focusing on your makeup. On your wedding day your friends are excited & relatives are most likely to take a detour to your room and more than often. You may see few of them may all of a sudden become makeup specialist and start giving them instructions. This is where you will totally mess it up!

Please ensure as long as your makeup is going on there is little to no disturbance in your room. Stop the chatter as Make-up artist may find it sensitive to ask your relatives to leave the room and may get distracted easily. Give them space!

4. Don’t “suck it up”

Imagine the makeup session is going on and somehow you are not able to relate to your final look and may be you are worried that the makeup is not going on in the right direction. It’s like when you go for a hair-cut and you continuously watch it being chopped and stop the hair dresser if something doesn’t go right.

5. Book your artist “in advance”

If you think 1 month is enough to book an artist for your bridal look then you may be highly mistaken. Mostly the top makeup artist is out of the town and get booked 6 months prior to a wedding. Book your makeup artist as soon as possible else you will end up working with an inexperienced artist with very little to plan.