MJG Portfolio

we have curated some of our special work pictures to give you assurance and confidence in trusting us. As they say picture speaks louder than words . This is a whole buffet of pictures with different techniques for different occassions.

Go ahead and enjoy some exclusive work from MJ

MJG Premium Bridal Makeover

Check out the best in class and world standard signature bridal makeover selected photos from MJ. We cover brides from all parts of the world and India. If you are a North indian or a South indian, American or Egyptian we have got you covered.

MJG Signature Eye Makeup

The most attractive part of the face are the eyes , Introducing signature eye makeup by MJ which is super customized to the occassion and taste. We just love it when the client says “Wow”

MJG Party & Creative Makeup

Makeup is for every occasion, So be it a cocktail party or a movie where you are playing a character. Enjoy your party with MJ !

MJG Student’s Portfolio

Student’s Bridal Makeup

Enjoy some fantastic work by our Professional Student which will give run for the money to many.

Student’s Fashion Makeup

High Fashion makeup is a vast domain of makeup that literally makes you a true makeup artist. Go ahead and check out how these students have done