Online Makeup Classes : A Big Mistake!

With the Pandemic everything changed, the way we work, live and eat. It was a sudden change even before anyone could realize. Of course once the vaccine is found few of the old habits will return however there are many which will change forever.

During pandemic we all heard few applications way more than usual – Zoom call, Teams call, Skype Call etc. and saw a surge of technology taking over the human kind for good. All we needed was a mobile or a laptop and world was in our hands. So much of convenience that we have started doing everything literally online.

I am sure you all must have observed that we saw a steep rise of online courses, webinars and master classes. Click the button and voila you are in a class listening to your favorite instructor. Such a convenience isn’t.

Running a big makeup academy, we received 1000s of queries about our online coaching and master classes. Our answer was and is a BIG NO!

This was our collective decision and this is why we don’t want to run online Makeup classes or makeup courses like everyone. In fact online makeup tutorials is something which is as old as YouTube, there is nothing new in running a live session, However running it professionally changes the game all together.

Here are the top 5 reason why you shouldn’t sign up for online makeup course:

1. Makeup is not cooking

If you thought just like you made that amazing apple pie looking at a tutorial video online you will be able to learn professional makeup artistry then you can be highly mistaken. If so was the case no one would have needed an academy to learn makeup. Everyone would have become a self-taught YouTube makeup artist right? This is artistry which means it needs tremendous amount of in person personal attention which certainly can’t be done online. You can be positively influenced but you can never be a self-styled creative artist watching makeup being done online.

2. Color is everything

When you are on screen you can see the colors what web allows you to see. The camera angle, lighting and the color shade can be highly deceiving. Makeup you thought was great on the mobile when done on a client may look tremendously awkward. As an artist you need to understand the colors, shading and hue in person.

3. Learn from the mistakes

It is equally and amazingly difficult to figure out technical makeup mistakes when you are watching someone do makeup online. Remember you can’t see everything naturally. You cannot figure out the skin type, tones and undertone as accurately as you would have when you were present in person. I am not sure how the trainers are able to provide feedback on your live sessions or if there is a live session at all.

4. Reality Check

Our academy for example put our students in real time scenario and does mock drills for our students so that they feel the pressure of external factors like chaotic backstage or a wedding venue with sounds and people howling. We time check them and see how they perform under pressure. I wonder how we can create that kind of atmosphere online. We feel we would never be able to do justice with the profession. A Premium makeup artist should know how to manage a crowd and how to hold the brush steady. Remember it’s not about learning but performing.

5. Few things would remain old school

No matter how much you learn with the comfort of your home, you will have to come out one day to do your makeup on your client. Since you will be completely unaware of practical experience, customer reactions, negotiation and array of different challenges. Chances are you will freeze or get really nervous since you have stopped being social and home schooled yourself on a skill which is people oriented.

These are the few prime reasons why we would never recommend makeup enthusiast to take up a professional makeup course online. It just doesn’t sound right. To learn makeup you need to be at a real place with an ambience and motivation. You need an instructor giving you essential feedback in person. This profession is all about touch and feel and yes social distancing is not possible. So we take huge precautions and ensure everyone’s safety.

A practical driven subject be it chemistry, zoology or a physics experiment has to be done in the lab and not at home. Let your home be home for god sake! It’s a professional skill and not a pizza that can be ordered online. If you are scared to get out then stay home till you get vaccinated and then learn your makeup from a proper academy, Rest it’s a free world do whatever you want!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q.1. How does makeup coaching work?

A. It is a service that provides professional help for people who are interested in learning how to apply makeup properly or simply want to improve their skills. This type of service provides tips on how to apply makeup, which products are best suited for your skin type, and what colors should be used when you want your look to be bold or subtle.

Q.2. What are the drawbacks of taking makeup classes online?

A. Taking makeup classes online is not a good idea because online classes don’t provide the same level of expertise that they would get from a classroom setting. The instructors and other students might not be able to provide the same level of attention as in-person classes.

Q.3. What are the benefits of attending a makeup class compared to online classes?

A. By attending a makeup class, You will get the opportunity to work with professional makeup artists and learn from their expertise. You will also get the chance to explore new looks and experiment with new products. You will be able to take what you learned out of the classroom and apply it in real life