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MJG Makeup workshops

Self-Grooming Classes & Personal Grooming Courses in Bangalore

Being presentable is the “New Beautiful” in the modern times. Become your best version and learn self-makeup and hair from the best and awarded makeup academy.

Customized Workshop

Choose your workshop which suits your need.

Private Makeup Sessions

one-on-one attention given to cater your exact requirements.

“Remember being beautiful is not your hard work, It’s in the genes ! As our society is progressing so is the definition of being beautiful. Today one is beautiful if they dress clean clothes, maintain self hygiene, Communicate effectively and have manners. One is beautiful when you look the best version of yourself ! starting from your physical body and mental fitness everything contributes. Being presentable is the real deal and there is no shame in joining a Personality Grooming Course”

MJ Gorgeous


With ISO-9001 2015 accreditation be rest assured that you will be joining a world-class academy with state-of-the-art facilities and teaching methods ensuring quality is given the first priority.

Awarded Best Makeup Academy, New Delhi

Proud to have received this prestigious award from Mr. Sonu Sood , New Delhi, Our entire team works very hard and always maintain world class standards. Our students are our biggest asset who give us strength to do more.

Internationally Certified Makeup Training Provider

We are Internationally certified training provider accredited by BIA, London. Your professional makeup certification will hold prestige and value. To get certified you need to clear all the exams.

Annual Listing of the top 10 trendsetter in Grooming Courses Globally

We are now recognized by Knowledge Review Magazine Global as one of the best makeup academy to offer professional makeup artist course in Bangalore to learn makeup from professional to personal grooming. We continue to simplify makeup at affordable and yet glorious ways.

India is changing and developing at lightening speed , Thanks to globalization and social media, Everyone around wants to look presentable. Beauty is changing it’s definition and looking sharper and the best version of yourself is considered to be as smarter choice.

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Self-Grooming course for everyone

Private Sessions from MJ. Choose what you want and get started !

The Favourite


INR 5000

Inc. GST {2 Days workshop}

Learn Personalized self-makeup as per your skin type and face.


Focus on Makeup only

What’s Included
  • Skin Care
  • Makeup Techniques
  • Makeup Products & Implementation

  • Private session

  • Practical Learning

  • Image consultation

  • Limited Support over phone (Post workshop)

Most Popular


INR 8000

Inc. GST {3 Days workshop}

Everything in Classic workshop along with Basic Hairstyling. SEE DETAILS

Focus on Makeup & Basic Hairstyling

What’s Included
  • Everything included from classic workshop

  • Basic Hairstyling

  • Hairstyling Tools

  • Optional Sari Draping
  • 1 Free visit to the MJG studio to practice and consult. (Post Workshop)

Selling Hot Cakes

Wholesome 2.0

INR 10000

Inc. GST {4 Days workshop}

Everything in Wholesome Workshop along with Detailed & Personalized Hairstyling.


Focus on Makeup and Advance Hairstyling

What’s Included
  • Everything included in the Wholesome workshop

  • Advance personalized Hairstyling.

  • 2 Free visits to MJG studio to practice and consult. (Post Workshop)

Reboot yourself


INR 12000

Incl. GST {5 Days Workshop}

Fully loaded workshop with everything included in Wholesome 2.0 along with assessment, certification, and Portrait Professional Photoshoot. SEE DETAILS

Focus on Makeup, Hairstyling & giving you a fresh start in life. Literally Kaya-Kalp.

What’s Included
  • Everything included in the wholesome 2.0 workshop
  • Assessment & Certification

  • Portfolio shoot worth 10K

  • 5 Free visits to MJG studio to practice and consult. (Post workshop)

Customer Testimonials

For a person looking for help with personal grooming/make-up, MJ Gorgeous Academy is the place to go to! It was great meeting MJ, warm, welcoming and extremely patient instructor, her passion for make-up and her understanding of skin types and suitable products makes the whole process easier and gives you better insight to what works best for you.

Teresa John

Have taken private self grooming course from MJG. Classes were awesome and well designed. MJ and her team was very calm and composed and were answering all my queries without getting annoyed. Love ❤️

Swati Karanwal

MJ is highly professional, talented and very precise in her doing. Extremely happy with the self grooming sessions conducted by her, and I highly recommend others too. Thank you MJ.

Shilpa Jain

1. Classic Personal Grooming

Expected Outcome – You will be able to do your own makeup as per your face and personality for all important occasions. Also you would be able to take care of skin and shop right kind of makeup products catering to your skin type.

Profiling and Assessment of your Face and Skin:In the Self-Grooming course we would learn about your face type, skin tone, skin type, eye shape, and appropriate makeup that will always suit you.

Understanding Makeup products: There are a plethora of makeup products on the market and they are expensive. In this section we would be going through major categories of products and what shall you buy for your daily needs.

Makeup Application: This is where we teach you how to apply different products for your daily needs. A practical session where you will be taught the right way to apply makeup with stroke corrections and other techniques.

  • Pre Make-up skincare
  • Undertone correction
  • Foundation Application
  • Contouring
  • Highlighting
  • Eye Makeup ( Smokey eyes, Blending)
  • Mascara Application
  • Lash Application
  • Brow Enhancement
  • Lip structure and Lipstick Application
  • Makeup Removal

2. Wholesome Personal Grooming

Expected Outcome – You will be able to do your own makeup and basic hairstyling as per your face and personality for all important occasions. Also you would be able to take care of skin and shop right kind of makeup products catering to your skin type.

This is one of the most popular workshop which not only prepares you for self makeup but also teaches you basic hairstyling so that whereever you go you leave a wholesome beauty behind. It includes everything in Classic Personal Grooming along with basic hairstyling component.

Hair Component includes –

Introduction – Know your Hair: A quick analysis of your hair type and understanding your style statement

Hair Care & Prep: You will learn how to take care of your hair and how to prepare your hair before styling.

Know your Tools : You will learn different tools, application, products that you need for styling.

Techniques :

  • Blow-dry and Curls
  • Two custom Hair-Designs as per your personality.

3. Wholesome 2.0 Personal Grooming

Expected Outcome – You will be able to do your own makeup and custom hair styling as per your face and personality for all important occasions. Also, you would be able to take care of your skin and shop for the right kind of makeup products catering to your skin type.

Very popular workshops which prepares you for self-makeup and advance hairstyling , It includes everything in Wholesome- Personal Grooming along with advance hairstyling components.

Know your Hair: A quick analysis of your hair type and understanding your style statement

Hair Care & Prep: You will learn how to take care of your hair and how to prepare your hair before styling.

Know your Tools: You will learn different tools, applications, and products that you need for styling.

Techniques :

  • Blow-dry
  • Hair Sectioning
  • Straightening
  • Curling (In curls & Out curls)
  • Buns
  • Braiding
  • 3 Hair Designs as per your requirement

4. Kaya-Kalp Personal Grooming

  • Assessment- You will get ready head to toe, We will assess you!
  • Certificate of completion
  • Professional Photoshoot: Experience once-in-a-lifetime fashion photography and create your own portfolio.

Expected Outcome – You will never need a Makeup Artist again unless you are getting married. This workshop is refreshing because you will have so much fun while learning and you will end up with a sweet note with fashion photography experience and a certificate from MJ. Not to mention we do offer counselling just in case you want to sort yourself out.

This is a fully loaded Grooming Course in Bangalore with everything included. If you are looking forward to restarting your career, life or relationship then this is the workshop for you. Talk to us for more information.

Personality Grooming courses or Self-grooming courses are in high demand as Indians are getting more and more conscious about their looks. A great personality is defined with hygiene, cleanliness, approachability, and confidence. Makeup and Hair is one quick way to immediately overcome physical insecurities and ultimately feeling confident. In simple words when you are dirty you take shower and when you have those little imperfections on the face you wear makeup.

Self-Makeup is something that most of us do not know, we end up buying products and do not know how to correctly use it. Another big topic is skin care which most of us ignore and assume makeup will hide everything. It is a big myth; Makeup looks great on good skin.

In our Personality grooming classes we address skin care, Makeup and hair products that is suitable for you along with modern self-makeup professional techniques.

Not to mention post self-grooming course you will be required to practice consistently. Do not worry if you have any doubts you can always approach us. Now go ahead and chose you personality grooming workshop. See you soon !

Frequently Asked Questions

I only want to learn Natural Makeup.2021-10-03T08:51:07+05:30

MJG is known for its excellence on natural makeup and understand the shift and demand for natural looking skin after makeup. However please understand to make you look natural we still have to do makeup and nothing changes apart from shades and product application.  Personal grooming session is totally customized as per your comfort level, Do not hesitate discussing your priorities.

Request you to fill this form in detail for booking your personal session 



Why learning makeup is expensive ?2021-10-03T08:45:13+05:30

Welcome to the world of makeup ! Makeup is a luxury and yes it is expensive.  Self makeup sessions are available online for as low as INR 250/- however what is the point ?

We charge for our quality and time spent with you. We are ISO-9001 certified and awarded as #1 Makeup academy in bangalore.  We will leave the cost at your priority and comfort , If you want great experience, knowledge and skill then our charges will make a whole lot of sense to you.

What is advantage of taking Private self grooming session with MJ2021-10-03T08:38:40+05:30

Nothing can beat one to one session specially when it comes to someone as MJ.  She is a master makeup trainer and makeup artist who will be spending entire day with you looking at your specific requirements, focusing only on you.

The quality of training is outstanding with a personal touch. we also do counselling, so just in case you are going through a rough patch feel free to talk to us.

Group session on the other hand runs on standard training module with no customization .


Why can’t I take an personal grooming online class ?2022-10-01T10:52:38+05:30

Personal Grooming Class means Personal which means in person, This is one skill that cannot be learnt online and you have spent some energy to learn this in person. We have to see you, Understand your personality to recommend the best. Search for Self-Grooming classes near me and choose a place where you feel comfortable.

How can I learn self makeup in just 1-2 days ?2021-10-03T08:29:15+05:30

You have a valid question and here is the answer. Yes you will learn the custom techniques, product application and makeup looks in these 2 days however you will not become proficient and master in it. This is an art which will take time to get into your memory muscle and would require regular practice.  We are always open for you and available on the phone in case you need to clarify any doubts or need any other guidance.

We highly recommend to take a private session with MJ to make the entire experience customized only for you. You will love it !

After Learning Makeup for myself , Can I do makeup on others ?2022-07-03T13:27:38+05:30

Unfortunately not, We are training you to groom yourself and not others. If you want to do this professionally then you need to take up the Professional Makeup Artist course

Do I need to carry my own products for Personal Grooming Workshop2019-11-24T07:51:42+05:30

Not Required, You will practice using our makeup products. However, we would love to see your makeup products and provide suggestions on what to buy in the future.