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Welcome to India’s award winning top makeup academy !

Our Professional Makeup Artist course is Internationally Accredited and recognized as one of the best certification in the field of makeup artistry.

Transform your Passion into a Glamorous Career with our Professional Makeup Artist Course

We are internationally accredited , ISO 9001 (2015) Certified And Awarded Best Makeup Academy in India.

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We are Recognized as India’s Top Makeup Academy in Bangalore

Experience learning by the best in the industry with award-winning Mentor MJ Shekhar IFA2021 & 2023 winner awarded by Mr. Sonu sood and Mrs. Shilpa Shetty Kundra

Affordable Fees

All important sessions are taken directly by award winning Mentor and Senior Makeup Artist MJ Shekhar. Your experience will be at next level without paying exuberently.

World Class Standards with Quality in Mind

We remain committed to the quality of our services and trainings. We maintain a world class standard for the best results. We are ISO-9001 Certified company. Our workshop is recognized among Top 10 trend setting workshops globally.

Professional Makeup Course Details

Course Code: MJPROMUA

Class: ~3 Months (Mon-Friday)

Certification Type : International

Eligibility: Graduate or equivalent experience

On-Job Training – Yes

Project Assitance – Yes

Freelance Training – Yes

Exams Included – Yes

Batch – Weekdays Only (Regular)

Portfolio Photoshoot – Included

Course Fee – INR 78000/-

Dear Student, Listen to your Heart !

We know you have got dreams to fullfill and we understand our responsibility well. It might get confusing at the begining to select the Best Makeup Academy for yourself, We highly recommend you to visit makeup schools in person and select the one where you feel comfortable and at home. If you want to join us then you need to contact us.

High Fashion

Super Creative Editorial Work by our Students.

Bridal Makeup

Stunning Makeup by our Students

Course Fee Details

MJG Special offer

International Professional Makeup Artist Certification

INR 78000

GST Inclusive |International Certification Included

Admission fees of INR 12000 inclusive and non-refundable.

Check Refund Policy HERE

– Pay in 3 easy Interest free EMIs – INR 22000

– Course Fee includes International Certification charges

– Get trained directly from Master Trainer MJ Shekhar

– Early access to Nykaa Professional account

What’s Included
  • Basic to Advance Makeup techniques

  • Bridal Makeup including Hairstyling and Draping

  • High Fashion & Editorial Makeup

  • Era Makeup & Super Creative Makeup techniques and more..

  • Freelancing Business Classes & Internships

  • On Job Training Experience and more ..

Awarded Best Makeup Academy and makeup artist in India, 2021 & 2023 (IFA Awards)

We are an Internationally certified training provider accredited by BIA, London. Your professional makeup certification will hold prestige and value.

With ISO-9001 2015 accreditation be rest assured that you will be joining a world-class academy with state-of-the-art facilities and teaching methods ensuring quality is given the first priority.

Annual Listing of the top 10 trendsetter in Grooming Courses Globally by Knowledge Review Magazine , Read Article here

Professional Makeup Course

Our Professional Makeup Artist in Bangalore course begins from Nursery and we start with a bang! Falling in love with your profession is extremely important to us. You must feel the rich history of makeup, The profession, the trends and the amazing stories behind it.

  • Induction: Getting you all set up for the course ahead.
  • Baseline: Checking your current raw makeup skills.
  • History of Makeup: Detailed understanding of evolution and origins of makeup
  • Evolution of Fashion & Trends: Understanding the fashion trends and milestone evolution
  • Getting your Hands ready and dirty: MJG Exclusive Art Class

We are changing the way makeup has been taught all these days and our style of training is exclusive and at par with International standards. You would need discipline, gumption and a lot of focus to continue to be on-boarded on a journey to become a legendary makeup artist.

We know you are excited! But hang on we need to understand the concept and theories first to give you that solid base which will always give you an edge in the market. Learning Artistry has to be detailed.

  • Makeup Tools, Products & Brands: Understanding in detail various essential Makeup tools, different products and Brands. The market is full of products however you must know as a professional what you buy, when to buy and how to buy.
  • Color Theory :Understanding all about color from an eye of a makeup artist. Makeup is all about using the right colors for the right time. Learn the techniques to look at the color.
  • Face Anatomy :This is where you learn the art of understanding the face. The shape of the face, eyes, lips etc. to come up with an action plan for your client. Everyone is different and so will the makeup!
  • Skin Theory: Finally the skin which is going to be the canvas of your art, Deep understanding of skin – Texture, tones, undertones and types. Deep understanding of product usage as per the skin.
  • Building your Makeup Kit: No Makeup Kit is ever complete but we teach you the best way to build and maintain in the best cost-efficient manner and yet maintain world-class quality.
  • Skin Care: Perfect makeup needs a great skin condition.  It is important to know how to handle the skin and take care of it for a long run for both your client and yourself.
  • Skin Prep & Hygiene (CTM): Learn skin preparation techniques before you begin makeup. How to ensure you maintain the hygiene of your tools, products and yourself. This is very important.
  • Eye Brows Shaping and Prep
  • Lip Structuring
  • Makeup Applications:  Foundation, Contouring, Priming Brows application, Eye shadow application, Liner and mascara application, Lash application, Lens application, Concealer, Highlighting(strobing), Bronzing, Lip base, Lipstick application, Blush, Glitter application and much more.

We cover every single technique from basic to advance. You will be equipped to handle any client with any makeup requirement with all the techniques required to handle the project.

While the curriculum is International the application of makeup will be still local. We believe India wears the best makeup and being the most diverse country in the world it is important to blend local techniques with an International approach.

  • Learn 5 different most common Bridal Makeup in India
    • North Indian
    • South Indian
    • Bengali
    • Muslim
    • Christian
  • Every wedding has different stages and occasions and you will learn every stage to handle any kind of makeup to perfection.
  • Customs: Just not makeup but it’s important to understand the wedding itself. We want you to be able to connect to your clients by understanding their rituals and customs.
  • Sari/Lehnga Draping
    • Pleating Techniques
    • Concealed Pinning
    • South Indian Sari Draping
    • Lehanga Pinning
    • Coorgi Style/Bengali Style Draping
  • On Job Training: Makeup at a studio and Makeup on the field are two different worlds. It can be tremendously stressful when you do bridal makeup. We want you to get a first-hand experience of this stress and management. You will get an opportunity to go out for a real wedding with MJ by your side.

When it comes to Bridal Makeup we prepare you for everything from Reception Makeup to Muhurtham Makeup, from Mehndi to cocktail dinner. You will be able to handle it all.

Note – HD Makeup & Airbrush Technique is included

Yes, there is nothing called a Bridal Makeup Artist anymore. You are a  Professional Makeup Artist who can do every kind of makeup. Fashion Makeup is the most emerging market which is promising and amazing

  • No Makeup Look
  • Dewy Technique
  • Bronzy Technique
  • Matt technique
  • Backstage New Age Makeup
  • High Fashion Looks
  • B&W Makeup
  • Death by Color
  • Era Makeup Looks
  • Impromptu creations by MJ

Anything today that you see in Media from E-retail to movies, fashion shows, and Instagram is included here. These are creative Makeup looks which you often call fantasy makeup, creative makeup, high fashion etc. You will be ready to work with fashion designers, advertisers or media houses, Not only that since this has no boundaries it will also assist you in your own marketing. This style of makeup can become a true manifestation of your art. You will love it.

Although Makeup artists must know about Hair styling and Draping. This is a complete specialized career stream. We want you to understand the techniques and then you are expected to practice to master the art.

  • Hair Preparation: Understand how to prepare the hair of your client before you begin styling it.
  • Understanding Hair Tools and application
  • Techniques
    • Curling(All types) | Blow Dry ( In curls/Out curls)
    • Crimping | Creating Volume in Hair
    • Straightening | Extension application
    • Back combing | Donut application | Braiding
    • Messy Buns | Waterfall | Pinning Technique
    • Neat Buns | Crown Styling
    • South Indian Jada assembly
    • North Indian Bridal Hairstyle
    • Braiding Techniques
    • Mangh Tika Fixing
    • Hair Accessories decoration, designing and assembly

By the end of these classes, you will have a pretty good hands-on on hair styling, We will teach you in-trend hair styles which are mostly preferred by the clients these days however since now you know the technique you can start creating your own. This one needs practice even after the certification. Hair styling should not be ignored.

We look at our course & certification as career milestones and take a holistic approach rather than just teaching you about makeup. We go beyond and work hard to make you versatile, confident and an entrepreneur. Our exclusive content and approach have helped many who are inspired to achieve a goal.

  • Airbrush Makeup Demonstration: Understanding the equipment, Technique and application
  • Tattoo Concealing
  • Matured Skin Makeup
  • How to handle your own personality and develop it.
  • Portfolio Photoshoot
  • On Job Training
  • Customer classification & Handling
  • Master class on Freelancing
  • Male Grooming
  • Basic Photography
  • Photo Editing

The rest of the content is exclusive, To know more take a face-to-face appointment for course counselling. From your health to your skills we cover it all.

What it Takes to Become a Makeup Artist ?

Female students learning makeup at the best makeup academy in Bangalore

MJG Gorgeous Podcasts

MJ Gorgeous Podcast

MJG Students Testimonials

“I was a student here, I couldn’t believe that someone can be just transformed into a pro make-up artist just in less than 3 months. People there are extremely friendly and anytime approachable for any queries and doubts. Very happy and peaceful place to learn.”

Arun Jyothi

“I am the student in MJG academy, enrolled myself on weekend batch March 2021…the experience being a student was extremely satisfying and enriched myself with so much of learning with every minute details of what makeup is all about….”

Priyanka Sharma

“Happy to say that I am student of MJ Academy. The quality of training she gives is very good for people who does have knowledge of makeup. Very impressive and good place to get trained and become certified MUA. Thank you so much MJ.”

Uma R

What will you learn in Professional Makeup Artist Course?

The Power of Skill-set

Our primary focus and step 1 is to equip you with the latest makeup skills which will give you an edge above others in the industry. Which is the reason why we cover every technique under one certification. From the latest product knowledge to historic and current trends in the industry, From Hair Styling to Draping we cover everything relevant to a Professional Makeup Artist.

The Art of Selling

No skill is a skill until you can monetize it. While it is important to acquire a skillset but what do you do if you can’t sell and make money out of it? At MJG you don’t have to worry because we get extremely real with our students. Learning Makeup alone is not enough, One needs to learn the art of selling and we teach you exactly that in our Business segment for this certification. From customer behavior to industry insights, from social media awareness to handling difficult situations, we prepare you to be market ready.

Becoming the best version

Being a makeup artist is all about being agile, multitasking, creative, and professional. You need that confidence in your communication and negotiation to succeed. At MJG we focus on your personality development and communication for a holistic positive change in your life. This course must become a milestone in your life.

Still Confused on your Decision?

It is natural to get confused or have doubts, however you will need to take your first step. Fill up the application form and we will call you for course counselling.

Do We Offer Free Makeup Kit?

Nothing in this world is free and the sooner you understand it better you will succeed. When something is sold to you for free then it means you are the product.

Building a makeup kit is a gradual and intricate affair which we will be personally guiding you to build instead of giving you something pre-made.

A professional Makeup kit can range from 15 thousand to 5 lakh rupees and this is something that cannot be built in a day.

We will be providing products at the academy for you to practice however students will be guided with the art of Makeup Products Procurement. Students will be bringing a basic kit with them which we will explain to you during course counselling. Do not worry it doesn’t cost much.

Free Makeup Kit is a “Trap” Do Not Fall for it.

5 Reasons to Select MJG as your Makeup School

Makeup Artist Certification course is Internationally accredited and recognized, Work anywhere in the world with international standards. Get well-versed with Modern and world-class trends, techniques, and products.

All batches are conducted by MJ Shekhar who is the co-founder of MJG and an Internationally qualified master trainer, Awarded as India’s best makeup academy. The techniques, the hacks and the secrets she will cover are invaluable. Students swear by it !

Boost your confidence and fast-track your career with master classes on freelancing from our business expert and co-founder Vibhu Vaibhava who has more than 18+ corporate experience.

We will cover portfolio building, lead generations and conversion, handling a difficult situation, communication, negotiation, social media marketing, and customer service modules. This master class will ensure you have a direction and a plan for your successful MUA career.  This is an exclusive workshop for our students which will be a gold mine and you will thank us later.

Every student will get on job training experience. You will tag along with MJ on Makeup projects to understand how it feels like to be a professional.

Top students will get a chance for an Internship with MJ and bag a few projects as a kick start for their careers.

We are not saying we are the best, one has to find that out however our market study clearly shows that MJG Course Fees Vs. the content and the value we bring to our students are unmatchable.

We have kept our course fee way below our competition. Don’t believe us ? Make calls and compare :)

Will I Get Job Offer After this Course?

Absolutely you will and that is the reason why we have carefully curated our course modules to help you in the real world.

However please remember by learning from MJG you are not buying out your career but making it. You will have to stay committed and focused.

It is not as easy as paying for certification and hoping to have a rockstar career. You will have to work your way through it.

Job Opportunities After Certification:

Embark on a fulfilling career as a Professional Makeup Artist. Our courses open doors to various opportunities, including:

  • Freelance Makeup Artist
  • Bridal Makeup Specialist
  • Fashion and Runway Makeup Artist
  • Film and TV Makeup Artist
  • Beauty Consultant

At MJ Gorgeous, we are committed to nurturing your passion and helping you carve a successful path in the makeup industry. Join our community of skilled makeup artists and let your creativity shine!

Don’t just dream of being a makeup artist; make it a reality with MJ Gorgeous! Enroll in our Professional Makeup Artist Courses today and step into the glamorous world of makeup artistry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your Refund/Cancellation Policy for Professional Makeup Course ?2023-03-05T16:11:08+05:30

For the Refund/Cancellation Policy please click HERE

What are the class timings ? Do you conduct weekend classes ?2022-11-04T14:22:02+05:30

We conduct only regular batches (weekdays) for the Professional course and during weekends we run workshops.

Class timings are – 10:30 AM to 6:00 PM

How can I pay the fees ?2021-04-11T10:38:02+05:30

You can make the full payment or pay in EMIs through cash/online/CC/UPI payment.

If EMI plan is chosen , It is mandatory to submit post dated cheques. (PDC)

What if I fail the exam ?2021-04-11T10:35:49+05:30

If you don’t pass the exam first time you will get a second opportunity to take the exam again after further study and practice. In nutshell you need to earn this certificate.

Is this professional makeup artist certification Internationally accredited ?2021-10-03T09:00:00+05:30

Yes , Our professional Makeup Artist Certificate is Internationally accredited.  To get awarded with International Certification you need to clear the exam.

Why should I choose MJ Gorgeous Makeup Academy for Professional Makeup Course?2021-04-11T10:50:01+05:30
Discounts on Makeup Courses?2021-10-03T09:02:12+05:30

Our Professional Makeup course is internationally accredited and course fee has been designed to aim affordability without comprising quality and content.

Read the article to have good understanding.


Can you provide a demo how you teach?2021-10-03T09:01:35+05:30

We discuss with you, we answer every question that you have however, we do not put our teaching skills for judgment. Check our reviews, Check our work do your homework. Trust and respect is all we ask!

Anything you want to convey to students willing to take up this profession?2019-11-24T08:21:53+05:30

Yes, A lot! We are a business and yet we are emotionally driven. We want a certain culture and ethics in the Makeup Artist community. If you are willing to learn then do not pick an academy basis the course fee. We have found many students coming back to us from different academies to learn the skills all over again.

How is your fees structured?2019-11-24T08:22:02+05:30

We have kept our fees extremely competitive and below the market price. The curriculum we offer is flat unbeatable !

Do you have only Bridal Makeup Classes? I don’t want to learn any other thing?2019-11-24T09:11:21+05:30

Yes, However even to learn just Bridal Makeup you need to have a firm knowledge of makeup products and tools. So that you can do basic bridal makeup. You will be given an assessment basis which we can induct you for Bridal Makeup class only. Our recommendation is to start with basics always!

Why do you take assessment? I do not know makeup at all!2019-11-24T08:03:14+05:30

Don’t get us wrong, We are not checking your makeup skills however we are checking more on the creativity flair, Your life goals and overall compatibility with this profession.

How do I take admission in the upcoming batch?2021-04-11T10:43:39+05:30

In order to secure a seat in our batch, You will have to drop into our studio and go through a written and verbal assessment followed by F2F discussion. Please note clearing the assessment is a must!

Do you have Weekday and weekend classes?2022-11-04T14:23:34+05:30

Weekend Professional Batch has been discontinued. We are currently running Regular batches only during weekdays.

These are full-day classes. Makeup Artistry is no longer a hobby but a serious career option.

Other Academies are providing “Free” Makeup Kits, Do you provide the same?2019-11-24T08:06:08+05:30

Free? There is nothing that is free of cost. Your Makeup kit cost is included in the course fee. We do not believe in getting your stash all at once. We encourage our students to procure makeup products after thorough product knowledge. Once students are comfortable they are guided and assisted in procuring makeup products. If you want to be an artist you must know what to buy, when to buy and from where to buy.

What is the fees of the course?2019-11-24T08:17:03+05:30

We recommend you to call us to avail offers and know more about the fees. We would love to talk to you!

Do I get 100% Job Placement Guarantee since other academies are claiming the same?2021-04-11T10:55:03+05:30

If 100% Job guarantee  existed and it was as easy as paying a fees and becoming a star then the world would have been a different place. We will give you 100% freelance assistance , Action and plan to ensure you become your own boss. What we need in return ? Practice, dedication, punctuality. You will have to struggle if you want to make it big. No short cuts !

How will I practice in the academy during sessions if I don’t have the makeup products?2019-11-24T08:15:39+05:30

Do not worry, Academy provides you with everything you need for learning makeup. During admission, we ask you to get a basic starter kit for hygiene purposes.