Who Is a Makeup Artist? Which Makeup Course should you opt for a career scope?

Let me guess! You are here because you want to learn makeup and trying to research your way up to professional makeup artistry. You understand what makeup is but may be somewhere you do not know where to start?

Today’s market is buzzing with makeup courses and makeup academy. Everyone is claiming there is the best and have various courses to offer, but do you really need to do all of that?

What is the job role of a professional makeup artist?

A professional makeup artist is trained and skilled to do any kind of makeup, Hair styling, and draping of sari or other apparel. Usually, the most common makeup services offered are Bridal Makeup services, Party makeup services, and On-screen makeup services for movies and television.

The professional makeup artist should not be mistaken for a beautician. Although beauticians do have a very basic knowledge about makeup.

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A professional makeup artist can work as a freelancer, corporate fashion house, Salon, or Movie production house. Alright so now we understand what professional makeup artists do, Let us understand a few other names we hear often –

Bridal Makeup Artist, Wedding Makeup Artist, SFX Makeup artist, Commercial Makeup artist, and of course beautician.

Bridal Makeup artists or Wedding Makeup artists are the ones who are only skilled to do bridal and regular party makeup, they are not trained in any other kind of makeup. They do not understand the era and fashion trends and would usually not have a professional certification.

SFX Makeup is a separate division of makeup, it is also called special effects makeup. An SFX makeup artist usually would be associated with the movie or TV industry only. They are the ones who make the actor look like a zombie using prosthetics, airbrushes, and many other artifacts.

Commercial Makeup Artists are the ones who do makeup for commercials and usually do similar kinds of makeup every single time. The closest example could be when you go online shopping for clothes and you see those models wearing dresses. Makeup on those models has been done by commercial makeup artists.

Editorial Makeup artists are the ones who do makeup for magazine covers, fashion shows commonly known as runway makeup. These are super creative makeup that is not worn normally on the streets. Editorial Makeup takes time and is normally approved by the fashion designer or Magazine editor.

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You might hear a few other names coming from the western countries but do not get confused. I will try to simplify this for you considering you are new in this industry and want to explore the best for you.

Let us come back to Professional Makeup Artist in Bangalore skillset or anywhere you are, A professional makeup artist is trained and skilled to do any kind of makeup except SFX makeup which is a completely different division. A professional makeup artist is an expert in bridal makeup, Fashion makeup, editorial makeup, commercial makeup and any other makeup you will come across. They have a keen sense of fashion and history and are capable of handling any project.

Now many students opt for a shortcut thinking it will bring them quick money with the least time spent in learning the skill – The most common course is Professional Makeup Course

A bridal makeup artist is not a professional makeup artist just like someone who only knows how to prepare biryani doesn’t become a chef. It is a shortcut and definitely you will earn money however your growth will become stagnant and after a point you will be bored. Not to forget weddings comes in seasons.

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Which makeup course shall I opt for?

It depends on what are your goals! If you want to become a true makeup artist then join a fully loaded makeup course that teaches you everything from basic to advanced including bridal makeup and fashion or editorial makeup. These makeup courses should also include job training, freelancing sessions, and Portfolio shoots for you. Do not join any makeup course which is divided into levels, for example, Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3

It is a pure marketing tactic to divide a course into short courses, you will not achieve anything by doing a level, in nutshell either you are a makeup artist who knows everything or you are not a makeup artist.

Do not attend master classes no matter who is taking them and no matter who is coming, Master class is for professional artists who are already certified and experienced. They attend master classes to learn best practices from the industry and refine their skill. However, if you are new to the basics then you will be wasting your money.

Who can join a professional makeup course?

We recommend students with a minimum graduation degree should opt for professional makeup certification. You need to have a level of maturity and awareness to handle the clients. All the corporate houses accept makeup artists with a graduation degree only. You can still opt for this course if you have work experience but do not have a college degree.

Of course, you should be a creative person with good communication skills and personality.

Which Makeup course shall I join if I am not a graduate?

If you are not a graduate and didn’t complete your education due to any reason then we suggest you join the Bridal Makeup course first instead of joining a full-blown professional makeup artist course. You must gain some experience as a bridal makeup artist and then look forward to a complete professional makeup course. Don’t get me wrong but I do not want you to waste your money and realize later this was not for me.

Which course shall I join for self-makeup?

Self-Makeup or personal grooming where you learn makeup for yourself and not professionally. You can join workshops available in the market. They are usually 2-3 days long depending on what you are learning. A self-grooming course will ensure you are able to do regular makeup on yourself.

What is the career scope for a makeup artist?

There is tremendous scope for makeup artists and the industry is booming every year. However, your career progress will depend on many factors like your makeup skills, certification, communication, marketing, etc. For example, if you are a bridal makeup artist then you get major projects during the wedding season only. This is the reason why we do complete course counseling with our students before inducting them into our makeup courses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Is a makeup artist a good career?

A. The salon business is reasonably stable, with jobs expected to rise by 14% over the next decade. Experience is required to acquire this type of job. Makeup artists can also find lucrative work at events such as fashion shows, weddings, and social gatherings. During these events, good make-up artists are in high demand.

Q.2 Do makeup artists do nails?

A. A make-up artist specializes in the application of make-up and prosthetics. A cosmetologist’s areas of specialty include hair styling and cleansing, nail care (manicure and pedicure), aesthetics, and cosmetic treatment.

Q.3 What qualifications should I have to become a makeup artist?

A. There are various qualifications for becoming a makeup artist however, the following are some of the most important:
– A portfolio of your work or samples of your work
– A diploma from an accredited school
– Professional experience

Like any profession, you will have to be unique, consistent, and creative. No money is easy money.