We will beat this !

Open letter to our customers and students !

COVID-19, CORONA, PANDEMIC – All these words have been heard since the beginning of this year. It has haunted us, tested us and brought lot of misery to the human race. However we the humans have always fought back and have been surviving thousands and thousands of years, We have seen ice ages, tsunami, disease and extreme wrath of mother nature.

MJ Gorgeous Makeup & Academy salutes the spirit of human race who have always adapted in difficult times. We too are adapting because we have an urge to live and now we are getting stronger and more determined for life.

While we are all scared of this disease it is imperative to continue or work and not stop. Entire world has slipped into financial mayhem and if the people stop buying or selling the entire world will crumble on it’s own. Let us take all the precautions but do what we are best in doing !

Let us survive this together !


Team MJ Gorgeous

How are we prepared ?

We were always sensitive about cleanliness and tidiness of our studio and products, However with the new standard we have stepped up our house keeping to its’s highest possible standards. Our studio is deep cleaned thrice a day with three steps cleaning process – Dusting, Wet Cleaning and sanitization of the entire property with the Boom gun. This process ensures to reach hard to reach surfaces with ease and disinfect them.

We are keeping our studio’s door closed to ensure no one walks in without proper preventive check.

As part of the preventive steps following is being done with our clients –

  • Footwear to be removed.
  • Feet sprayed with boom gun.
  • 360 quick spray.
  • IR temperature check.
  • Hand Sanitization.
  • Mask and Gloves to be worn.
  • Checking the travel stamp.
  • Checking the Green Zone/Red zone origin of the client.

We are ensuring that our customers and ourselves included have peace of mind, Hence we stressing on santization more than normal. Be it washing hands with soap or the workstation we are doing the cleaning as much as we possibly can.

Every student or client who visits us for service or certification have to feel safe. Our Makeup Artists ensures that they wear Protective gear before coming in contact with the clients.

Please do understand that it is extremely difficult to wear these gears for our artists however when there is a need there is a way and we are trying to adapt and survive.

Please ensure to be polite and respectful and have an understanding with the artists working on you.

We are ensuring as much distancing as possible. Makeup Services onsite has a protocol. For Bridal or non bridal services we do not allow anyone inside the room other than an attendant during an ongoing service.

We restore the room for work by boom gun, additional cleaning of the space where will be working.

We expect cooperation from the clients on these guidelines as we absolutely care for health and safety of our staff including yours.