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Haldi makeup and hairstyle for haldi ceremony

Mehendi & Haldi Makeup look for your wedding

Indian weddings run for days and weeks. Mehendi and Haldi are must have customs which make lot of logical sense for the bride. Its full of fun and happy times for the brides and even the grooms. There is so much of positive vibe and we love being part of your happy times.

Bridal mehndi makeup for the bride

Haldi makeup or mehendi ceremony is now celebrated almost everywhere in the country and it’s so much fun. Both the functions have deep cultural significance which one most understand really well. These functions are pre-prep for the bride.

Early days Haldi and Mehandi fuctions used to be a private family affair and nobody did really care how you are looking since everyone was a family. However today things are not the same, Celebrations are extended and so are the guest. Every function is followed by a photoshoot or candid photography. Brides and everyone else wants to look great and fresh on every occassion and this the reason why Mehandi Makeup or Haldi Makeup and Hairstyle becomes important. The makeup technique , style and products are different and you do not want to save money here because you want to see your wedding albums again and again.

Why do we celebrate Haldi ceremony?

Haldi or turmeric is in every Indian kitchen and holds a huge significance. It is called as a wonder spice as it has so many medicinal capabilities including skin care.

Haldi ceremony is must for Indian wedding as it purifies and cleanses the body. It is beleived that Haldi will protect both the bride and the groom from bad omen.

This is a day ceremony which happens at bride’s and groom’s place almost simoultaneously, infact now a days both bride and groom families are celebrating this together.

Girls applying haldi to the bride

What kind of Haldi Makeup you need to go for?

Haldi bridal makeup and hairstyle for the bride has to be very simple as it will get messed up in the next 5 minutes depending how witty your friends and relatives can be. We recommend no makeup as you need to receive goodness of haldi directly on your skin. Few of our brides go for subtle eye makeup for haldi with a matt lipstick. This is an occassion where you should have fun and forget everything else. However we do recommend to have flower jewlery made which compliments this function. Do not forget to wear something bright !

Hands with mehandi

Why do we celebrate Mehendi ceremony?

Mehendi ceremony is one ceremeony that is celebrated in almost every religion in India adn why not this also holds a great significance. Mehendi is applied in hands and feet elaborately with some very fine art. So why it is significant ? The most important reason is its cooling effect which attempts to destress the bride due to overwhelming wedding environment. This is the oldest form of body art which signifies holiness of the matronmony bond. Deeper the color deeper the bond of love as they say. This happens during the night just day before the wedding and gives a well deserved pause for the bride to sitdown and cool down. We love this ceremony and so does our brides. There is tremendous amount of festivity in the air with songs bein sung and people just enjoying it together with family and friends.

Mehandi being applied to the hands of the bride

Bridal Mehndi Makeup look for Mehendi Ceremony

Mehendi makeup falls under Bridal makeup or Bridal Party Makeup category where the brides will essentialy wear ethinic, It can be a lehnga or a sari. The Mehandi makeup look has to look galamrous but not over the board. It depends what kind of setup you have.

If you are expecting a grand setup then the mehendi makeup look must resonate and match the surroundings of the event. Always remember you are a bride and on every occassion you must look special because these are the best memories of your life. We want you to look special and yet comfortable. We love doing elaborate eye makeup with contemporary hairdo enuring perfect photo ops. We will assist you with your dress to jewlery selection under our image consultation. Not only that we have some extremely talented partners for Mehendi art which we will recommend to you. Overall Mehendi makeup is now essential and one must plan the look carefully and diligently.

Why you must choose MJ Gorgeous for Mehendi Makeup ?

When you hire a makeup artist for your wedding then you condiser a lot of factors behind that decision and why not this is going to be the most special and important event of your life and you want everything to be perfect ! Let us explore some of the factors and compare where we stand.

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What kind of makeup products and brands do we use for Bridal Makeup ?

Being a world class International Makeup destination we do not compromise with Brands and Products. We typically use a combination of World class luxury makeup products and do not stick with one brand. Every client is different and has different requirement and a professional must use brand or a product which best suits the project.

MAC , Estee Lauder, Huda Beauty , Bobbi brown, Jeffree star, Smashbox, Too faced cosmetics, Makeup Forever, Beccas, Seasoul Cosmetics, Temptu , Anastasia Beverly Hills, Dior , Benefit and many more World famous brands

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is MJG a Parlor ?2023-07-08T16:18:01+05:30

We are an award-winning International Makeup School, The biggest in India. We offer Professional Makeup Courses, Makeup Services and Personal Grooming workshops.

What is your Refund/Cancellation Policy for Makeup Services ?2023-03-05T16:07:54+05:30

For Makeup services Terms and policies please click HERE

What Makeup brands do you use for makeup ?2021-08-12T07:49:09+05:30

Makeup Products which exists today are broadly classified between World Class products and Drug store products. We use all world class products depending on your skin texture , type , sensitivity and requirement. A professional MUA will never stick under one brand umbrella instead would use combination of brands basis experience and results.

Few of the brands we commonly use –

MAC , Estee Lauder, Huda Beauty , Bobbi brown, Jeffree star, Smashbox, Too faced cosmetics, Makeup Forever, Beccas, Seasoul Cosmetics, Temptu , Anastasia Beverly Hills, Dior , Benefit and many more World famous brands.

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I want simple, Natural Makeup only , Can you do that ?2022-09-08T16:23:15+05:30

Of course, we can, Having experience in the Best bridal Makeup in Bangalore our base style is enhancing natural beauty and keeping things as natural as it can be. However, if you are new to makeup you must understand that we will have to do makeup to make you appear as if you are wearing none. This is called as No Makeup Look.  It is more difficult than it sounds and requires world-class products and prime artistry.

We discuss in great depth, create an action plan and do custom makeup every time. Be rest assured as image consultants we will not let you down. End of the day you have to be comfortable with what you are wearing.

Why choose MJ Gorgeous for my Wedding Makeup ?2022-03-16T07:23:30+05:30

We choose to let our credentials, testimonials, customer ratings and most importantly work speak up to give you reason to hire us. Google us, Check our work online , Read what customer’s have to say. Additionally We are Internationally accredited and ISO 9001 certified which gives you another reason to trust our quality of work and professionalism.

We travel internationally and we charge exactly what we feel makes sense for our customers and us.

Go ahead open your google and type ” MJ Gorgeous Makeup & Academy


Do you provide Trial for Wedding Makeup?2023-09-14T12:01:58+05:30

MJ Shekar, a renowned award-winning makeup artist in India, conducts thorough consultations and assessments of her clients’ skin and facial features. Given her exceptionally busy schedule and high demand, conducting makeup trials for every client is not always feasible. However, she is dedicated to spending quality time with every bride to grasp their unique details and expectations.

In the event that you require a makeup trial for any reason, please note that there will be a non-refundable charge of INR 3000.

Please note that Makeup Trials are available with Senior Makeup Artist at the cost of INR 2000 which will be adjusted in the quotation if the client books us.


Another Artist is charging less why should I select you as my artist?2019-11-24T08:19:41+05:30

Let us be honest, What is your priority? top quality makeup or the price? It can be both and it can be the budget that comes to your mind first. We all want to save money! We respect every artist in this world and would recommend going where you are comfortable. Just ensure you have met the artist, got a trial done and then take a call.

Do you travel for makeup outside the town?2019-11-24T08:19:50+05:30

Yes, We travel across India and abroad for makeup projects.

Why Makeup Charges are usually high?2021-05-26T10:18:55+05:30

There are a lot of factors that determine the cost of makeup – Products, Time, Experience, Travel, Labor, Special event at high stakes and most importantly Artistry. Makeup is indeed is luxury and so is your event. There is a tremendous amount of hard work involved.

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How much do you charge for makeup?2019-11-24T08:20:53+05:30

It all depends on which makeup you need, What style of makeup is required like HD or Airbrush, What is the event, Your Skin tone, texture, Venue, number of people attending the event or the event is a day event or night event to name a few.