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Cocktail Party! As soon as you hear the name you get excited and why not it is so much fun after all. These are parties where literally cocktails/drinks are served. They are sometimes also called as cocktail receptions. Originated from London in early 1900s there are certain ground rules or let’s say spirit that needs to be maintained.

Usually cocktail dinner/reception doesn’t require one to sit-down, Most of the guests will be standing and connecting with other guests while having their favorite drinks. This is meant to socialize and network with other people for business or personal interests.

Conversations are usually kept light-hearted and all kinds of discussion related to politics, war, and religion must be avoided to maintain amicable environment.

Do not expect dancing and loud cheering although there are times when the host or other guests can raise toast for something good. In India cocktails dinners are becoming a thing and in fact newlywed couples are throwing lavish cocktail receptions instead of classic wedding receptions. Businesses on the other hand have had this going on since a long time now and trust me many bridges have been built between clients.

Nut shell – Everyone loves cocktail party!

How to get your cocktail party makeup look right each time?

No one is expecting you to enter the hall as Scarlett Johansson or Disha Patani. We are not suggesting you to always wear that slit black dress and flaunt your Smokey eyes with heavily contoured face. You need to wear what suits you the best and that also doesn’t mean you that you should avoid trying something new.

Just be comfortable and confident. You have got to look stunning and approachable. Since it will be evening or night your colors, jewelry and makeup has to match the environment and time of the day. Here are few tips to keep in mind –

Makeup Tip #1 : Eye Makeup always steals the show

Your eye makeup will be a big deal of cocktail party setup and lot of focus is given on detailed and dramatic eye makeup for this occasion. Use of metallic eye shadows and glitters accentuates the makeup and makes you look happy and hot. You can also try Smokey eye makeup with different variations which we expertise on to give that extra buzz.

Makeup tip#2: Give some love to your Lips

There can be lot of variations from nude to bright lips, from matte to glossy depending on your personality, skin tone, hair style and the dress you will wear. The point is – One has to focus on the lips more than usual during a cocktail party as they would define your overall look in the dim light setting.

Makeup tip #3: Avoid excessive Highlights and contouring

Avoid lot of highlights and contouring on your face and instead go for Matte formula full coverage foundation (without SPF). If lot of highlights and contouring is done on your face then your photos would give flashbacks and it would look horrible.

Makeup tip #4 Cocktail Party Makeup Hairstyle

There are more than 1000 ways to tie your hair and design it however the latest trend is to keep the hair styles simple and not too complicated. We have got some very classy recommendations for you from sleek tight to messy buns. Our Hairstylist will recommend the best!

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Our cocktail party makeup services would ensure that your party makeup is customized for you. Either you are bride throwing a party or her best friend attending the cocktail party we have got you covered at the highest quality parameters.

What kind of makeup products and brands do we use for
Cocktail Party Makeup ?

Being a world-class International Makeup destination we do not compromise with Brands and Products. We typically use a combination of World class luxury makeup products and do not stick with one brand. Every client is different and has different requirement and a professional must use brand or a product which best suits the project.

MAC , Estee Lauder, Huda Beauty , Bobbi brown, Jeffree star, Smashbox, Too faced cosmetics, Makeup Forever, Beccas, Seasoul Cosmetics, Temptu , Anastasia Beverly Hills, Dior , Benefit and many more World famous brands

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