Is Your Makeup Camera Ready? Must Read Tips to Get The Best Photos

It is impossible that you got ready for an occasion and you are not going to click any photos right? In fact the new generation gets ready to click photos, Even my mother takes her selfies.

There are two kinds of people in the world, One who do not wear makeup at all and the others who do and feel more confident.

I am going to assume that the ones who are reading this article are the later kinds who do a little bit of makeup before going out to a function, event or parties.

Listen! If you are attending a day function mostly you will be fine in terms of photos as there will be good light and ambience around you. However the real problem starts when you are attending a sun down event or simply put a night event where there will be lot of flashes and LED lights.

In this article we are not going to teach you how to do makeup but we want to tell you things that you should keep in mind while attending an event so that you get the best photos ever.

Let’s dig right into it !

Makeup for night party | Tips

1 . Avoid Makeup Flashbacks

You may have to attend wedding reception, Sangeeth, award function, cocktail dinner during the event after the sun down. Now no matter what you do, Folks will have to turn on the flash during night to click photos and those sharp LED light while you get on to that stage can make things worse. I am sure you would have seen many celebrity photos clicked coming out of an event with some real bad photos which they would hate forever.

It is called flash back, simply put there are certain ingredients in your makeup which returns or shines back to the cameras resulting to worse ever photos. You can literally see the entire makeup and brush strokes like a negative film.

But do not worry as the makeup industry progress we have a work around and this is the reason why one reaches out to professional MUAs so that they don’t end up in embarrassment.

Camera friendly tips to counter Makeup flashback during an evening or night function

Tip 1 You have to ensure your foundation doesn’t contain SPF at least for the night time. What are you going to do with SPF in the night anyways? SPF foundations are built for the sun and protect your skin. SPF has reflective properties which will 100% cause flash back.

In case you are not able to buy non spf foundation then use a high end setting powder which will absorb the light and prevent flashbacks to happen.

Tip 2 Ensure your banana powder or the highlighter doesn’t have silica as silica also reflects light. If you do not have a choice then go very gentle with those highlighters as the camera flash will make it look 10X more.

Tip 3 Use everything which is matt or dewy in texture, we recommend not to go with glossy makeup during night. Okay you can put little gloss on your lips but that’s it. Just remember matt finish products during night is always preferred.

General Camera ready makeup tips to keep in mind for both day and night makeup look

1. Use high-end pigmented products for eye makeup

Okay this one is for both day and night makeup. Always use high-end makeup products and there is a reason why you must use them. First of all they have been made with a formula post a lot of research and generally very friendly for the skin, secondly they keep a lot of factors in mind to ensure flawless finish.

Imagine you have done an amazing eye makeup but when photos were clicked all the colors were flushed out and the face looked flat. Not fair right?

2. Keep everything sharp and sculpted

Camera will never see what you see from the eyes, we recommend not to shy away from contouring, bronzing and highlighting depending on your face type. This will prevent your face to come flat on the camera. Each element of your face needs to be accentuated and this will happen only when you go through all the steps of makeup. If you are doing makeup better do it in the right away or rather not do it.

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3. Neat and Perfect

We do 100s of shoot every year and trust me the flaws you don’t see in person is so evidently visible in photos. Two choices – Either put a digital filter like most of them do or be like a lady and get your makeup right starting from moisturizing, priming and everything else.

One more thing and I will be so damn direct and curt on this one – No facial hair and keep your armpits clean this is bare minimum.

Do not rely on just makeup, your skin should be always hydrated and taken care off. To be honest great skin great will always welcome great makeup.

In the end remember we do all this look more confident and happy, 70% of women surveyed around the word said they apply makeup to feel great for themselves and not for anyone else.

Love you !


Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Why is it important to use high pigmented makeup product?

A. A high pigmented makeup products gives a concentrated look. It helps to give full coverage results to your makeup. They have been made with a formula and very skin friendly. They keep a lot of factors in mind to ensure flawless finish.  

Q) What type of makeup should we apply during night?

A. A matt finish makeup look is recommended to apply during night as they are long-lasting in nature and perfect makeup look for camera-ready. It will help to avoid oil texture skin and leave you with a more velvety finish. 

Q) Which type of foundation is suitable at night?

A. While applying a foundation at night you should ensure that the foundation doesn’t contain SPF. SPF Foundation is good for your skin as it protects you from sun but it is only suitable during day time.