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Makeup can come in different flavors and you may specifically need a certain skill enhancing makeup course or a workshop that suits your need. We have tailor made Makeup courses in Bangalore for Makeup enthusiast and Makeup Artist who would want to go a step further and sharpen certain skills. Select your Makeup course or Makeup Classes and make an appointment with us !

There are many Makeup Classes in Bangalore available however are you ready for it ?  Makeup Classes are not about pay and learn but it is also about your ability, creativity and willingness. At MJ Gorgeous we screen you and then induct you for our makeup classes. Here you learn the technique , tools and products associated with Airbrush makeup. This kind of makeup is picking up fast in the market due to its flawless coverage and “light on face” outcome. This kind of makeup is more expensive to get when compared to HD makeup due to the sheer precision experience requirement of the Airbrush machine.

If you already have your basics right and want to learn Bridal makeup of certain kind  (South Indian Bridal Makeup, North Indian Bridal Makeup, Christian Bridal Makeup etc) then you can opt for this course. Depending on your need we will set the number of days of training. Again in order to opt for this course you must know basic makeup and must understand the product and tools. As there are no shortcuts you will be asked for demonstration to gauge your readiness for bridal makeup and once clear you may proceed with this Bridal Makeup Courses. This is best Makeup class in Bangalore giving you exactly what you need.

The most essential part of makeup is the eye detailing and many of our clients just want to learn eye makeup, So here you have it, learn the most common and trendy eye makeup with techniques which helps you determine which eye makeup will suit what kind of face. This includes smokey eye makeup, cut and crease makeup Eye Line Application, Different styles of liners etc. Again this is customized depending on your needs.

Learn Hair styling from scratch, Learn the Hair styling techniques, Products and tools that can be used from basic to advance level. This covers both International and Indian styles. We can make a custom curriculum for your needs.

Saree is an essential part of Indian festivals and events and an artist has to get it right to it’s minute details. Learn Saree draping techniques , detailing and finishing from basic to advance level.


If you are an existing makeup artist and have received certain continuous feedback about a certain stroke or makeup technique which needs correction then here is your chance to revisit and improve your technique. Along with detailed consultation,we will help you correct makeup technique and share best practices


Already a makeup artist however unable to get clients, Wondering how to put all the pieces together and get a sense of direction in your career and become successful ? We are here to help ! Our experts with more than 15 years of corporate experience will not only counsel you but give you a step-up plan to get business. They will also cover business communication, Client handling, social media presence and dos and don’ts.

Got questions related to makeup , skin care and want to understand how it all works together ? Need to start a healthy life style with healthy diet and a workout plan ? Or you a generally stressed out and need to focus back to your life. From Pre-wedding counselling to everything related to well-being we are here to give you company