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Wedding Reception Makeup

Wedding reception is all about meeting your friends and relatives and receiving their well wishes. This event is slightly casual where you can breath and enjoy. In this event you can express your personality make a statement. A very important occassion with lot of photos which will go down to the memory lane.

It all begins with Skin Care

A healthy skin means beautiful makeup. There is no replacement of health no matter which brand and which makeup product you use. Be it a wedding reception makeup or a normal day makeup you just cannot ignore your skin. At MJG we maintain a continuous dialogue with our brides and guide them with skin care regime and motivate them for a healthy life style, months before the wedding. The entire wedding or bridal makeup process is an experience and we want our brides to enjoy this process and remember it for their life time. Do not expect a magic if your skin is in bad condition for your reception makeup.

HD or Airbrush Reception Makeup look

If you are one of those who is not aware what does HD or Airbrush means and what is the difference then do not worry you are not alone. Both are makeup techniques with different styles and products. HD Makeup is done by hand with makeup brushes whereas Airbrush makeup is done by a fancy airgun with different set of products and brands. We must understand that Airbrush makeup doesn’t suit every skin type whereas HD makeup is versatile. Airbrush makeup has a finer finish and makeup stays for long period of time even if you are sweating. We at MJG will discuss and recommend the best action plan for reception makeup looks based on your requirement, skin and budget.

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Bridal Jewelry and Bridal Wear plays an important role in your final Reception Makeup look

Reception makeup for bride is incomplete without proper bridal wear and bridal jewelry and brides must spend a good time in researching the same. At MJG we assist our brides in the process of selection of jewelry and bridal wear. There is a complete image consultation process that we offer on demand. You do not want to wear something that is counter personality.

Depending on your dress and jewelry your reception makeup is planned. Being an MJ Bride means being classy, stunning and full of confidence. You do not want to end up like a plastic doll or even unrecognizable on your reception. The best reception makeup must define and compliment your personality and not make you a completely different person.

What kind of makeup products and brands do we use for Wedding Reception Makeup ?

Being a world class International Makeup destination we do not compromise with Brands and Products. We typically use a combination of World class luxury products and do not stick with one brand. Every client is different and has different requirement and a professional makeup artist must use brand or a makeup product which best suits the project.

MAC , Estee Lauder, Huda Beauty , Bobbi brown, Jeffree star, Smashbox, Too faced cosmetics, Makeup Forever, Beccas, Seasoul Cosmetics, Temptu , Anastasia Beverly Hills, Dior , Benefit and many more World famous brands

Why you should choose MJG for your Wedding Reception Makeup ?

When you hire a makeup artist for your wedding then you condiser a lot of factors behind that decision and why not this is going to be the most special and important event of your life and you want everything to be perfect ! Let us explore some of the factors and compare where we stand.

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Why Shall I spend on Premium Makeup for my Bridal Reception ?

Weddings are such occassions where you do not settle with average and substandard. Everyone tries to get the best as per the affordability as this will be the single largest party you will throw in your life time. Your photos and videos will remain forever. That feeling of being so special will become part of your nostalgia. So be Muhurtham in Hindus , Nikah in Muslims or a church wedding. You definetly want to be at your best mentally and physically. Makeup has been around for several 1000 years because it does make a difference.

If you have a taste and affinity for premium makeover with a great customer experience then you must consider us as your closest partner at your wedding. Starting from skin care to image consultation we will be with you at every step.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you travel for weddings ?2022-05-27T05:23:22+05:30

We travel across the world for Makeup projects. The client has to take care of Fooding, Lodging, and travel expenses.

We do not charge anything extra for the travel.

Do you also provide grooms makeup ?2022-05-27T05:23:58+05:30

Yes, We do provide groom’s and other guest makeup services. Please call us for more details 8447740346

Can I see your Bridal Photos ?2022-05-27T05:24:26+05:30

You can visit –

  • Bridal Photos –
  • Eye Makeup –
  • Instagram –
What kind of Makeup Products do you use ?2022-05-27T05:24:48+05:30

We use a wide range of world-class high-end products. Ex- Nars, MAC , Estee Lauder, Huda Beauty , Bobbi brown, Jeffree star, Smashbox, Too faced cosmetics, Makeup Forever, Beccas, Seasoul Cosmetics, Temptu , Anastasia Beverly Hills, Dior , Benefit and many more World-famous brands

Please call us for more details.

Do you charge for makeup trial ?2022-05-27T05:25:32+05:30

We spent around 2 hours with you on the trial date, It is made free if you are booking us however if you want to take some time then you would need to pay a nominal INR 1500 *subject to change

Do you conduct Makeup Trial ?2022-05-27T05:26:13+05:30

Yes, Makeup Trial is always preferred so that we can understand your taste, Skin condition, and overall expectations. Please note makeup trial is only provided for Bridal Makeup only.

What is HD and Airbrush Makeup ?2022-05-27T05:26:44+05:30

These are two different styles of makeup where products and techniques are completely different. Both the styles suit different skin types in different conditions.

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How much do you charge for Reception Makeup2022-05-27T05:29:42+05:30

Our Makeup sessions are completely customized for the brides and hence the charges vary depending on the location, date, kind of makeup, detailing etc.

We request you kindly fill-up the bridal request form so that our team can reach out to you for further discussion and estimation. Apply Here