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Muhuratham Bridal Makeup Services

Muhurtham is the most important event in a wedding. Essentially this is the main wedding ceremony. Bridal makeup for Muhurtham needs lot of detailing and creativity and at the same time it has to be functional.

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Muhurtham is all about the culture, tradition, prayers and blessings. Traditional values that have been passed on from generations are carried forward and to be honest emotions are high.

While majority of south Indian brides will get married during the break of the dawn on the contrary north Indian weddings will start post the sun down and most go on till the sun rise followed by vidai.

How a muhurtham makeup look should be ?

Muhurtham makeup has to be traditional & ethinic. You will end up wearing bright colors and jewlery in a bright setup with a lot going on in your surroundings. We highly recommend to have a natural and subtle makeup covering your flaws. Do not go overboard or experimental , The idea is to loo elegant, classy and sharp.

HD Makeup or Airbrush Makeup ?

HD Makeup is a high defination makeup with specific quality HD products done by brush where as Airbrush makeup is done by an airgun spray. Both has its own advatanges and disadvantages. . Airbrush is slightly on an expensive side as it is fancy and long lasting. While HD makeup generally works on all kinds of skin and is versatile giving fexibility to makeup artist to be more creative.

We usually discuss in detail with our brides about the selection of type of Muhurtham makeup and recommend a plan which is best for the occassion. To know more about HD and Airbrush makeup we recommend you to read our blog here

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Why you must choose MJ Gorgeous for Muhurtham Makeup ?

When you hire a makeup artist for your wedding then you condiser a lot of factors behind that decision and why not this is going to be the most special and important event of your life and you want everything to be perfect ! Let us explore some of the factors and compare where we stand.

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What kind of makeup products and brands do we use for Muhurtham Bridal Makeup ?

Being a world class International Makeup destination we do not compromise with Brands and Products. We typically use a combination of World class luxury makeup products and do not stick with one brand. Every client is different and has different requirement and a professional must use brand or a product which best suits the project.

MAC , Estee Lauder, Huda Beauty , Bobbi brown, Jeffree star, Smashbox, Too faced cosmetics, Makeup Forever, Beccas, Seasoul Cosmetics, Temptu , Anastasia Beverly Hills, Dior , Benefit and many more World famous brands

Why Shall I spend on Premium Makeup for my Muhurtham ?

Weddings are such occassions where you do not settle with average and substandard. Everyone tries to get the best as per the affordability as this will be the single largest party you will throw in your life time. Your photos and videos will remain forever. That feeling of being so special will become part of your nostalgia. So be Muhurtham in Hindus , Nikah in Muslims or a church wedding. You definitely want to be at your best mentally and physically. Makeup has been around for several 1000 years because it does make a difference.

If you have a taste and affinity for premium makeover with a great customer experience then you must consider us as your closest partner at your wedding. Starting from skin care to image consultation we will be with you at every step.

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Contact us for a detailed discussion followed by Makeup Trial which is essential before actual muhurtham makeup. Fill up the request form so that we understand your requirement better.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Makeup brands do you use for makeup ?2021-08-12T07:49:09+00:00

Makeup Products which exists today are broadly classified between World Class products and Drug store products. We use all world class products depending on your skin texture , type , sensitivity and requirement. A professional MUA will never stick under one brand umbrella instead would use combination of brands basis experience and results.

Few of the brands we commonly use –

MAC , Estee Lauder, Huda Beauty , Bobbi brown, Jeffree star, Smashbox, Too faced cosmetics, Makeup Forever, Beccas, Seasoul Cosmetics, Temptu , Anastasia Beverly Hills, Dior , Benefit and many more World famous brands.

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I want simple, Natural Makeup only , Can you do that ?2021-05-26T10:30:55+00:00

Of course we can , In fact our base style is enhancing natural beauty and keeping things as natural as it can be. However if you are new to makeup you must understand that we will have to do makeup to make you appear as if you are wearing none. This is called as No Makeup Look.  It is a difficult than it sounds and requires world class products and prime artistry.

We discuss in great depth, create an action plan and do custom makeup every time. Be rest assured as image consultants we will not let you down. End of the day you have to be comfortable that you are wearing.

Why choose MJ Gorgeous for my Wedding Makeup ?2022-03-16T07:23:30+00:00

We choose to let our credentials, testimonials, customer ratings and most importantly work speak up to give you reason to hire us. Google us, Check our work online , Read what customer’s have to say. Additionally We are Internationally accredited and ISO 9001 certified which gives you another reason to trust our quality of work and professionalism.

We travel internationally and we charge exactly what we feel makes sense for our customers and us.

Go ahead open your google and type ” MJ Gorgeous Makeup & Academy


Do you provide Trial for Wedding Makeup?2022-03-16T07:23:14+00:00

Yes, Trial makeup is very important. There are two advantages –

1. We would meet face to face and understand you better, answer all your queries and know your wedding day well

2. We would understand your taste, your skin type, hair length, and other details.

On the other hand, you would be able to see and understand the kind of makeup you will wear on your special day and get to know your makeup artist well.

Another Artist is charging less why should I select you as my artist?2019-11-24T08:19:41+00:00

Let us be honest, What is your priority? top quality makeup or the price? It can be both and it can be the budget that comes to your mind first. We all want to save money! We respect every artist in this world and would recommend going where you are comfortable. Just ensure you have met the artist, got a trial done and then take a call.

Do you travel for makeup outside the town?2019-11-24T08:19:50+00:00

Yes, We travel across India and abroad for makeup projects.

Why Makeup Charges are usually high?2021-05-26T10:18:55+00:00

There are a lot of factors that determine the cost of makeup – Products, Time, Experience, Travel, Labor, Special event at high stakes and most importantly Artistry. Makeup is indeed is luxury and so is your event. There is a tremendous amount of hard work involved.

You may also read our blog here : How much makeup artist charge in India ?



How much do you charge for makeup?2019-11-24T08:20:53+00:00

It all depends on which makeup you need, What style of makeup is required like HD or Airbrush, What is the event, Your Skin tone, texture, Venue, number of people attending the event or the event is a day event or night event to name a few.