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Super Guide :Makeup Artist Course and Makeup Artistry As A Career In India

Congratulations ! on your first right step towards a brighter and promising future. Makeup Artistry is older than many religions which exist today and unfortunately, there is no book or a person who knows it all. Makeup had been transferred as a skill from generations and has been constantly evolving along with society. Makeup Artistry can be as easy as learning from a YouTube influencer and as difficult to apply it professionally as moving a mountain with one finger.

Remember if you can cook doesn’t make you a chef.

Do not ever join an online makeup class we personally feel makeup course is one thing that cannot be learnt online, the lighting, skin texture, tones, and undertones, Experience of working on another subject can never match an online professional makeup course. This art is all about being personal and online learning will absolutely send you to la-la land.

So let us settle this right here, If you want to be a professional makeup artist then you definitely and urgently need to join a professional course and do not stop with a basic curriculum, Learn it all continue to practice.

Here is a complete guide for you to select the best makeup academy for a professional makeup artist course.

1. Makeup Academy Credentials

This is one department that you must consider as your starting point.

  • Is your academy registered Organization with the government?
  • Is your academy has any national or international accreditation?

When you certify yourself as a makeup artist then your certificate must hold value. If your academy is not registered anywhere and has no accreditation then the certificate is as good as a piece of paper and will not hold any value in the market. In simple words learn from a reputed and well-settled place. This will ensure the quality and value of your course.

Makeup Academy - Best in bangalore

2. Who is your Mentor?

I cannot stress enough to check on your Mentor, Doesn’t matter where the academy is, doesn’t matter how the infra is, doesn’t matter if they teach you in a 5-star hotel but the entire purpose will be defeated if your mentor is not up to the mark. Feel free to check on your mentor’s work, videos. Have a personal chat and get convinced before you sign-up.

3. Check on Google

Google promotes busy sites! I am not talking about ads, I am especially talking about your organic search. If your search is not showing the makeup academy on the first or the second page then please give it a second thought! For example, you went ahead and searched – “Best Makeup courses in Bangalore“ or “Makeup Academy in Bangalore”, google gave you the results and list of academies for Bangalore. If you are not able to see your Academy on the first or second page then it simply means you are heading for a place that is not that popular or maybe new in this industry. It also means they are not very active and I am not sure how will they teach you the digital presence you require once you get certified. In nutshell, if you are investing then better invest at the right place.

4. Check the reviews and Social media

This goes without saying that you will obviously check the credentials of your academy before you even give them a call. Don’t expect 5 stars always. Anything is good from 4.2 to 5 depending on the number of reviews. Take some time out reading the reviews closely both positive and negative. You will get a clear idea of what others are saying about the place.

You must and you should check out the website, read closely.

Follow them on Instagram or Facebook, Check if they are actively engaging in posts and stories. This will bring confidence to you.

5. What happened on that first call?

I know you are more comfortable sending WhatsApp messages. However, chat is for a short exchange for messages and not discussing the course and your future. Pick up that damn phone and give them a call. Once you call them then observe how they interact with you.

  • Are they giving you enough time to explain and take your questions?
  • Are they repeatedly forcing you to join with vague answers?
  • Are they systematic and official in their approach
  • Did you feel comfortable talking to them?

6. Makeup Course Fee “The Bomb”

Do not get surprised! Makeup is a niche skill that involves expensive makeup products, skills that will directly impact your career positively. Learning and doing makeup course is expensive and unfortunately, there is no textbook. This is an art that is transferred from person to person basis experience, skills, and awareness. This is the last and major decision point where most of you will make a mistake.

  • Once you hear the fees you straight up say no and walk off in search of a cheaper deal
  • Once you hear the fees you review the above all points again and gauge your return on investment. Is it worth spending at this place?
  • Once you hear the fees you feel this can be best makeup academy since they are charging more

Our suggestion is to check what you are getting by paying the fees, Revisit the points 1 to 5 and see if you have positive answers. In the end, it’s extremely important to check your vibe with the place. You must feel super excited and comfortable at the same time with the place.

Do not search for an academy with the lowest fee structure, you will not only ruin your skills but also waste whatever money you are spending apparently. Find the middle point and go for it.

Makeup Industry scope and demand in India

If I tell you that each year Americans spend more money on beauty than on education or if I tell you that lipstick sales increase during the recession or during a state of war, would you believe it? It will certainly raise your eyebrows, right?

The makeup industry during pandemic is also on a rise, overall beauty industry is expected to reach the 20 Billion dollar mark, India alone is contributing 2.8 billion dollars.

India is still an emerging market for the beauty industry. More and more people are choosing makeup to look and feel great. Everyone wants to look presentable now and this is triggering a huge need or well-trained makeup artists who are professional with terrific skills.

If you are a successful makeup artist then you will earn more than an IT professional with the same years of experience in some cases 5 -10 times more.

Globalization and the Social Media boom have triggered “look good” on-screen behavior. This is triggering curiosity and with the availability of almost all top makeup brands more and more Indians have started accepting makeup as a daily routine. Indian customers do not have to call relatives in Dubai or the US to procure makeup products, It can be as easy as ordering a pack of milk. Websites like Nykaa are leading examples of the popularity of this industry. Nykaa grew almost 80% since 2019 and continues to be the most popular Online one-stop shop for more than 35000 products from 650 brands.

On the other hand, the recent pandemic destroying so many industries had a minimum impact on this industry. People are still getting married, attending zoom calls, or just wearing lipstick to brighten up the mood during a lockdown. Trust me Makeup helps!

Professional Makeup vs Salon Makeup?

The salon industry has tied up with makeup as an add-on service for a very long time now. In fact, if we talk about India 10-15 years ago we never had Professional freelancer makeup artists at all with exceptions in a few of the metro cities. Makeup meant going to a salon.

Brides used to go to the salon to get ready and then used to head back straight to the mandapa. This probably still happens even today in many of the towns. To be honest there is nothing wrong with this setting. However, with social media, the Internet, and global exposure, Indians have become more and more conscious about looks. They have access to International products, tons of information about the fashion makeup trends by itself. They all want to look great all the time!

We no longer have to wait for imported products shipped or gifted by “U.S wale uncle” neither we have to sneak into customs sale if you know what I mean.

With so much exposure, Indians have changed the taste to a finer level and now they understand makeup is way beyond the Salon style makeover and they are okay to spend more but hiring a professional makeup artist who is probably as educated well to do as they are.

To be honest it’s a revolution in the beauty industry and that is what makes this industry so inviting as an alternate career option.

Let us take a look at Salon and Professional Makeup Artist major differences

Makeup Skills

Salon Makeup Artist

It is almost certain that the makeup artists at your salon are not professionally certified. This means she would only know to do typical kind of makeup ignoring the face anatomy, skin type, tone, under-tones, etc. She has been probably taught basic makeup course or template makeup and she just follows the same process and products on every face.

Professional Makeup Artist

As the name suggests they will be certified makeup artist who understands the skin, face, and trends and would always give custom look according to your taste and many other factors. They would always travel to the venue and would be trained to handle pressure, time management and would know the customers and trends of the event pretty well. They can deliver all kinds of makeup with perfection.

Makeup Products

Salon Makeup Artist

Salons in general use drug store product which simply means they are not world-class and will never have the finish which a high-end product will create. This is done to cut the cost as they need to keep the pricing competitive. Bigger salons may have high-end products but the application and the technique might be missing. In general, they will not have technical knowledge and composition and application level.

Professional Makeup Artist

Professionals will always use world-class products and will maintain an expensive array of international brands in their professional makeup kits to give you a flawless look. They never stick with one brand but use a combination of products and exactly know when and how much to apply.

Hygiene and cleanliness

Salon Makeup Artist

Makeup is such a personal thing and I am sure no one wants the same brush to be rubbed on your face which has been used by so many others. Just not the brush but other makeup products, Makeup kit, Make up artist personal hygiene. While my personal experience is not that great it all depends on how comfortable you are with all these aspects at a salon.

Professional Makeup Artist

Let me be honest here, a good professional make up artist will be trained to keep her makeup products and tools extremely clean and sanitized. We literally train them how to clean the brushes arrange the Makeup kit and maintain the makeup products.

We also train our students on how to maintain personal hygiene from dressing to wearing perfume. They are critical about allergies and infections.

Customer Service & Experience

Salon Makeup Artist

Usually, Salon makeup artists would stick with the job as they are probably working at a salon and not owning it. They may not follow up once the makeup is done neither you may get a chance to discuss your requirement in detail prior to getting the makeup done. In most cases, you would see your make up artist for the first and last time on your day of makeup. You would also not get to see any feedback about the artist on google as the customers give ratings for the salon and not individuals or maybe they would but it’s pretty confusing. You need to be lucky to get the right one.

Professional Makeup Artist

When we give admission to our students in our academy, we keep education as a top priority. Customer service and experience come with awareness and literacy. We literally train them on the client relationship, communication skills, follow-ups, etiquettes. Our students are well educated, well aware to handle sensitive events and all types of clients.

You may clearly see I am biased for a Professional Makeup Artists, not that all the professionals do an excellent job and you will not have complaints. You may definitely have a terrible experience working with a professional makeup artist as well however in general there is a base differentiation between the two and if you do have a taste for fine artistry, classier look, a great experience, and have the money to spend I will always recommend to hire a Professional Artist for Makeup.

What is a professional makeup artist’s salary in India?

This is a wonderful question what is the Makeup Artist Salary in India and I am going to give it to you right away, Also I am going to explain to you the rationale and what exactly you need to get this going.

Makeup Artist Salary In India


INR 25K monthly

  • Salary 15- 25K
  • Certified MUA

1-2 Years Experience

INR 45K monthly

  • Salary 25-45K
  • Certified Free Lancer

2-5 years Experience

INR 1L monthly

  • Salary 45K- 1L
  • Experienced Free Lancer

Top Artist

INR 5L monthly

  • Top 10% of the town
  • Famous & Experienced

Like any job, Makeup Artist Salary or earnings increments with Skills, Experience, and Personality. The beauty industry net worth is expected to grow to $44 billion dollars which numbing and shows a promising career choice. The makeup artists Salary bracket shown above is an estimation and depends on your hard work and creativity, It can rise and fall as per your work.

These are 3 major categories that will define your Makeup Artist Salary

1. Experience

2. Skillset



What is experience anyway?

Experience simply means knowing the unknown and how do you really act in a certain situation because you have seen it before. Being a Makeup Artist is not about just having the best of the skills but also about having the experience of handling different kinds of clients, events, and situations. No matter how skilled you are your heartbeat will start racing with anxiety if something didn’t go right. In our industry, there are 1000 ways for things to fail. Inexperience brings a knee-jerk reaction which makes the situation worse. You see time needs to beat you up to shape you as a fine person in life or as a professional.

Makeup artistry world, Experience counts a lot in determining the charge of the makeup services and clients are willing to pay more to get the look right.


Hey! If you don’t have the right skills experience will absolutely not work here. Let us just say you will always have a bad experience. When you learn makeup artistry then you need to be perfect. Creativity can never be average.

When the word goes out for you it better be a good one! You cannot go on fooling around with clients. If you are getting too much feedback don’t get into the ego and blame your clients for it (Makeup artists tend to do it a lot), Sit down and introspect if necessary go back to the drawing board and unlearn and learn again.


When I say personality it is a lot of things together. If you are a Makeup Artist you cannot look unkempt, you need to glow and look perfect all the time. You need to have a presence so that your clients can trust you before they hire.

Your communication skills matter a lot since you will be involved in weddings and the fashion industry wants someone with the same wavelength. Your attitude must be down to earth and you cannot look down on your clients at any time. Not everyone does makeup every day, Clients might be getting makeup services done for the first time and you need to show patience and a better attitude. Your salary depends here please be aware and nice!

Alright with the context loud and clear, Makeup artist salary in India or say Makeup Artist Salary in Bangalore can be from 15 thousand to 5 lakhs a month and maybe more depending on how you have managed yourself and how driven and business-oriented you are. You will not become rich on the first day however if you have all the three requirements at the right place you will definitely make yourself proud sooner.

If you get things right I assure you, you will live happily ever after, and if you are lazy and have no train of thoughts you will be most likely to be found working in a cubicle cribbing about life and giving an excuse like you always have. The choice is yours!

How to become a professional makeup artist?

Before I begin let me clarify these are points for artists who want to be premium and very successful makeup artists. If you are happy with what you have today and have no plans to grow or you consider this as a part-time job then I will strongly suggest not to read this article any further.

1. Holistic Knowledge to grow endlessly

If you thought Makeup Artistry is just about doing Bridal Makeup and coming back home with the cash then I am afraid you missed a major part. A Makeup artist has to know and understand a million things before she or he even steps out. You have to understand the trends, the makeup products used in makeup, brands, latest techniques, history, statistics, skin, face, color, negotiations, and the overall market up close to remain in the competition. There is no way you can learn and understand all this on your own.

2. Professionalism

When you join our Academy MJ Gorgeous you learn professionalism and a basic sense of business other than makeup skills. There is no point in learning all the makeup techniques unless you can sell it right? We share our good and bad experiences, Communication, Freelancing Marketing techniques, Social Media presence. Client relationship and a myriad of other things that will make you a better business owner and a makeup artist. You cannot learn this on your own, can you?

3. Experience of your Mentor

I am sure all of us will agree that “Experience” is one thing that needs to be respected. When you join us or any other academy then your mentor shares a lot of her/his experiences which is a gold mine. Learning from an experienced makeup artist gives you that edge that will set you apart from amateur makeup artists. In our academy I make sure I deliver the training myself instead of having a hired trainer do that job for me, It defeats the purpose.

4. Makeup Certification is required everywhere!

From corporate jobs to Web portals everyone demands a certification. If you want to work for a Magazine, Fashion designer, Photographer, E- Retailer or in Movies they all require a certificate and if you have done your certification from a famous artist or academy then you are given preference. If you want to run your own business you would still need the certificate to register in wedding portals, aggregator apps, shopping websites for Makeup products to have a corporate account. If you plan to open a salon or a parlor and do average makeup and get paid marginally then yes you don’t require a certificate.

5. Get influenced don’t learn from YouTube

YouTube is a great platform no doubt! However, it may not be as real as we think else the amount of content which we have today one could have become a doctor or a scientist watching the videos. The lighting, the skin, the camera tricks, the music makes us feel appealing for these videos however trust me 80% of these you tubers are doing it wrong which in the real world won’t stand a chance. The information which is being provided is unsubstantiated and can lead you in a completely different direction. I am even against online training and certification because it just can’t be done right if you are not in front of your mentor.

Read Article : Online Makeup Classes a Big Mistake !

So in short you definitely need to become a certified professional makeup artist. However, you have to also ensure you get certified from legit Academy and a mentor who is willing to share it all. If you are going to choose an academy just because they are charging very less then you better don’t waste your money at all.

Frequently Asked Question

What things should a makeup artist know to become successful?

A makeup artist has to understand the trends, the makeup products used in makeup, brands, latest techniques, history, statistics, skin, face, color, negotiations, and the overall market up close

Is it necessary to learn from an experienced makeup artist?

Learning from an experienced makeup artist gives you that edge that will set you apart from amateur makeup artists.

How will a certificate help you to become successful?

From corporate jobs to Web portals everyone demands a certification. If you want to work for a Magazine, Fashion designer, Photographer, E- Retailer or in Movies they all require a certificate and if you have done your certification from a famous artist or academy then you are given preference.

Reasons why would you fail as a professional makeup artist?

Okay, I don’t judge but I am going to assume that if you are reading this article then somewhere your career as a makeup artist has not launched yet. You are probably struggling to get clients and things are not working out the way you expected, if yes then read on …

You may find 100s of articles telling you about the glamourous and glitzy world of Makeup Artistry and how it can change your entire life, Testimonials, advertisements, Makeup everywhere! Now you are wondering what the hell is going on with me, why things are not working out.

There can be several reasons behind that and you will start clenching your teeth if I start counting them all here, I am going to leave with a must-read article HERE but as of now, we are going to focus on few critical points that I have realized training and interacting with so many Indian students and clients.

Questions you should have an answer to already!

  • What is your marketing strategy?
  • Do you want to work under someone?
  • Do you want to work for a salon?
  • Do you want to work in movies as an MUA?
  • Do you want to become like HUDA beauty or MAC?
  • Do you want to become a freelancer MUA?
  • How much you want to earn?
  • Did you learn this art thinking your relatives and friends will help you with leads?
  • Where do you want to get your sales leads from?
  • Are you educated, at least graduate?
  • How aware are you of the latest trends in fashion?
  • Do you know how the Internet works?
  • How is your portfolio?
  • How comfortable are you talking to your clients and negotiating?

Confused? If you are then you should be because these are the questions you should have addressed probably even before joining an academy to learn makeup or at least your makeup academy should have enlightened you about this very real thing. However do not get demotivated, it’s never too late.

5 essential must-dos to succeed as a Makeup Artist

Here is what you should be doing not in a particular order but must consider as part of your strategy to launch your career. Do not give up!

1. Answer each question above and see where you stand:

Answer the questions honestly and self-assess your answers which are negative. Improve the areas of opportunities. Sorry, there is no shortcut, no magic for success.

2. Just Skills are not enough:

If you thought learning everything in makeup will guarantee a bright future then you need to reconsider. You need to get technologically efficient. You need to understand the Internet and social media a bit closer. You cannot imagine but this is the best and in fact, the only way to market yourself as a makeup artist and catch some attention.

To be honest it is not as easy as uploading photos on Instagram and Facebook. You will have to understand the technology. What kind of photos, what kind of edit, what kind of hashtags, what time the photos are being uploaded everything needs to be reviewed.

If you do not take this suggestion seriously then trust me, Things will not work out at all! Your profile on social media will play a major role in your success criteria.

3. Awareness

You need to really work on this, Follow some amazing makeup artists both in India and outside, Observe closely, and check out what are they doing which you are not. Work on your branding, standards, style, and the way you come on the screen.

4. Scope of work

Do not limit yourself within the town you live in. Focus and market yourself in other cities and states. Traveling is an integral part of the makeup artist’s life.

5. Collaborations

Write it down somewhere, if you are not doing collaborations you just cannot grow. Collaborations generally involve time and labor. Usually, you will not get any money from collaborations but the difference it will make in your career is unmatched.

Ping a model, a photographer do a shoot everyone gets a fantastic photo and everyone benefits.

Slowly people start knowing you in the market and as your portfolio grows you grow!

There is no rule book for success but you have got to try the basics, What works for you works and what doesn’t, It just doesn’t. The key point here is you have got to keep trying and do not forget the basic rule of marketing which is diversity, repetition, and novelty. Show your creation to the world the right way. Always remember you are an artist, Artist creates and never copies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do to succeed in makeup artistry?

Here is what you should be doing as part of your strategy to launch your career.

1. Ask questions to yourself and answer each question.

2. Makeup Skills are not enough.

3. Awareness.

4. Scope of work.

5. Collaborations.

Can collaborations help you to become a successful makeup artist?

If you are not doing collaborations you just cannot grow. Collaborations generally involve time and labor. Usually, you will not get any money from collaborations but the difference it will make in your career is unmatched.

Can makeup skills make you the best makeup artist?

If you thought learning everything in makeup will guarantee a bright future then you need to reconsider. You need to get technologically efficient. You need to understand the Internet and social media a bit closer. This is the best and in fact, the only way to market yourself as a makeup artist to catch some attention.