Want to be a Premium Makeup Artist? Here’s a reality check !

In today’s world when you get champagne and noodles at your doorstep, we have to admit that we all have become super lazy and we want everything served on a plate without moving an inch.

Professional Makeup Artistry is not a waxing session. You cannot learn makeup in an hour and become a millionaire at the same time. We meet many students every month who want to quit studies and sometimes even high school to become a Makeup Artist which according to me is outrageous. YouTube and Instagram which makes makeup look easy and glamorous is actually the opposite. Face a situation where your client denies your payment because she didn’t like your makeup and tell me how would you deal with it?

The point I am trying to make is just like a fruit takes time to ripe, every makeup enthusiast needs maturity, education and proper skill sets to grow up the ladder.

If you plan to become a premium well established makeup artist who is a freelancer then you need to certainly follow the below conditions else I am afraid you may just end up being a below the average makeup artist trying hard to succeed. You will most likely quit ! (I know it’s rude to say that)

Here are the 5 must dos if you want to be a Makeup Artist.

  1. Makeup Courses: The very step is to find the best possible makeup course in the town with the best possible Mentor. If you are one of those who are going to select the mentor basis how much they charge then you are going to lose the battle right here at this step. Let’s face it Makeup Industry is expensive and learning makeup will not come to you cheap. Be prepared to pay up if you really want to learn high end makeup and make money later. Let us put it in this way – Paying for an excellent makeup course and getting certified is an investment which you will be able to recover in couple of months. However if you want to save money and settle for something really cheap then I will suggest not to learn at all as you will be out rightly wasting your money as chances are you will learn wrong.

2. Personality & Communication: When your client is paying 3 times more than what she will pay at a regular salon then she will expect a world class experience. She will take a note of your personality, your own makeup, your dressing sense and your communication skills. This is where many makeup artists get it all wrong. I keep telling my students – Makeup Artist is not about makeup but end to end experience and unless you match up to the customer she is not going to recommend your name to her friends. Maintain a subtle and strong personality and be friendly!

3. Blocking the Feedbacks: Goodness me! Ego breaks most of us however if you take a step back you will see that you might be losing opportunities to refine yourself. I have seen makeup artists totally declining the feedback of the client and getting into nasty fights proving a point that they are always right because they are certified. They do so because they have been trained and asked to show the certificate each time client contest the makeup done on her. Please leave the ego behind and listen to your client. End of the day you need to make your client happy forget the technical part but do LISTEN TO THEM as they MIGHT BE RIGHT!

4. Untidy and Dirty :With COVID I guess there is no other option but to be clean however I will still make a point. Keep your makeup stash clean, regularly clean your brushes, and Keep your makeup bag tidy, ensure the work place is sanitized and use everything that will make up your client feel safe. Do not skip this step as your client will note everything you do and this is a part of the experience. Tea at the road side and Tea at a 5 star hotel, does it ring the bell?

5. Easy to break confidence: Makeup Projects comes in waves and are seasonal. Do not start doubting yourself if you are not being approached by a client, instead spend time practicing and building some serious portfolio online. Go crazy on collaboration and create a piece of art. This is the time when many decides to shut themselves off or get demotivated, Note that there is enough work for everyone however you cannot exist being average. Keep bettering your skills, at no point you can be complacent as an artist can never be perfect, Creativity has no limits. Create corpus, Budget well to survive during off season and work extremely hard during the season as it comes.

These are the most important conditions or points you need to note down and rigorously follow, Any profession demands discipline and hard work. If you are expecting door step delivery of success? It’s not going to happen period.

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