India in the past 15 years has seen a super boom in lot of sectors and one of them is a beauty industry. As more and more women has started to work and social media has taken over our lives it comes as no surprise that people want to look good and be top of their game.

Whether it comes to dressing sense, footwear, skin care or makeup every sector related to beauty has evolved.

Makeup is no longer only done by the “parlor wali aunty “ but you have some serious premium makeup artist giving makeup services in every town and do not mistake them as your regular “Beautician

Customers now care a lot about quality and do not mind paying up to look and feel wonderful. Now if you ask me “MJ if there is so much demand then why we don’t see every makeup artist successful? “

You see demand doesn’t guarantee sale, there are lot of factors which drives a business and the same applies to Makeup Artistry, This includes branding, customer reviews, Skillset, Professionalism, Products, Personal Hygiene and many more. Do not mistake demand as weaker side of the customer because there is a huge supply of Makeup artist already available in the market from Parlor to Premium makeup artists.

So the question comes Why are you failing as a makeup artist and unable to get enough business as you anticipated.



This is the basic requirement that you need to double triple check. How is your makeup skill? Don’t assume it’s great but think from the customer’s perspective. Most of the makeup artists that I have seen become super defensive if we pull out some flaws in the technique. Unless and until you accept the reality things are not going to improve. Check what your customers are saying, Show your makeup to neutral party and not your friends as most likely they are going to WOW it out without giving you a constructive feedback.

There is another aspect, where did you learn your makeup from and let’s not talk about the brand here but the actual mentor who taught you during the makeup course class? Did you learn well? If you have realized already that what was taught to you needs improvement then do not shy away to reach out to other senior artists and learn certain techniques you think need correction. Drop that I know everything ego!


I am assuming that you are a fantastic makeup artist but still you are not getting enough footfall. Time is to review your portfolio ,

a. First question to ask – Do you have enough photos in it?

b. Second question – How are the photos? Are they clicked well or you have bombarded them with filters and cheap blurs.

c. Third question – Are you just clicking your own photos are building the portfolio? OR are you repeating the same face or model over and over again?

You see as a customer when I visit your portfolio I don’t want to see those Teen age filters on your photos, neither have I wanted to get an impression that you do not have much of real client photos as you are repeating the same face over and over again. I would also want to see your creativity so do not be shy to post some creative high fashion looks. Your portfolio is your shop and need to maintain certain class if you want customers who appreciate art approach you.

Communication Skill:

I cannot stress more on this must have requirement. If you have great skills and great portfolio but poor communication skill then it will be big turn off for your customers. Here you are able to get the leads but you are not able to convert them. When I say communication its less about the medium of language but more on the courtesy, tone, intonation and asking right kind of questions. As a makeup artist you may speak to a bride, model, fashion designer, Mother in law, Fiancée, Father and so many different people and if you do not customize yourself with a better communication then most likely customer will strike you off. Most of the rejections happen during negotiation of price.

Time Management & Eye for Detail:

Word to mouth is the best mode of marketing even today so if following the above points now you have a customer willing to work with you then do not let the opportunity go in vain. Give her the best experience. Experience starts with timely arrival to the venue, timely wrap up of makeup and detailing. When customer gives you there wish list and explains you about the event, No matter how irrelevant that may be “NOTE IT DOWN” this shows you care and would help you establish a great connect with your client.

Social Media Inactivity:

Remember your social media account is not your personal account. If it is a business then you need to continuously engage your customer base with content so either it’s a simple story, post or a video you need to continuously keep creating content. When you post ensure it has relevance to you work. This helps a great deal in getting work and creating a loyal fan base who will definitely come back to you when they have an event for makeup.

Bad Customer Reviews:

If you have bad customer reviews then it’s a real bad news. According to the studies 89% of customers are most likely not come to you if you have bad reviews on internet. There is no running out of this, you can respond to genuine bad reviews and apologize and defend your stand for not so genuine review that a customer may give due to many other reasons. You have to ensure that you work day and night to get more positive reviews and improve your rating. Remember there is no smoke without a fire!

So here you have it, 6 reasons why you are not becoming successful in this field. Become objective, target oriented, active, happy and chirpy do not lose hope. If required delete everything and start over but if you need thing to change dramatically then you would need work equally crazy for it.

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