What is Personal Hygiene and Grooming?

Always thought this was covered in school however looks like most of us have been ignoring the “Hygiene” & “Grooming” which almost goes hand in hand.

As you can look at the world around us it’s pounded with Fancy Viral and bacterial diseases. Not to mention the recent outbreak of COVID-19 or CORONA.

You will find thousands of videos and articles talking about it with one thing in common, Wash your hands!! Stay in hygienic place.

Let me change the gear a little bit as the last thing I want is to preach you about cleanliness however it’s interesting to look at Indian way of living, Correction Traditional Indian Way of living.

Here are few Indian Traditions that is utmost modern on today’s world !

  • Whenever we returned from the Bazar or outside there used to be a bucket of water waiting for us outside. We used to wash our hands, feet and face before entering inside the main house.
  • We never had custom of handshake when we greeted with people. Namaskaram ! with a smile and a little bow of humbleness
  • Footwear was never allowed inside and must admit most of the household even today are following the tradition
  • Food was always consumed hot, Modern world live counter. We used to always get Chapatis hot from the fire and nothing was stored for later consumption.
  • They bought daily vegetables instead of bulk buying and storing it.
  • Pickle or chutney used to be part of every meal which besides making the food tastier also assisted in digestion
  • Water was never consumed during the meal.
  • Satvik food was in abundance and everything was organic minus the damn sticker
  • After finishing the meal we washed our mouth with a rigorous water squish “Kulla” to unroot the food stuck in between the teeth

The list can go on and on, I am not trying to push any Indian agenda here but down the road we have lost the “Indianness” and have become more of a Global citizen with tissue papers.

Personal hygiene importance can be literally counted and everyone knows that.

  • Brush twice a day
  • Shower every day
  • Wash your hands before having food
  • Moisturize your skin (Oil , Cream anything greasy)
  • Wash your eyes with some water inside your mouth to remove the heat
  • Wear fresh clothes to bed
  • Change your under garments every day
  • Wear fresh pair of socks everyday
  • Dry your clothes in the sun instead of washing machine
  • Eat fresh food as much as possible
  • Floss your teeth
  • Clip your nails
  • Balm your lips
  • Shampoo your hair ( Oil massage inclusive)
  • Sleep on a clean bed
  • Change the bed-sheet every week

May be few more which I cannot recall, But the point I am making is are we really following all these, May be not because we are busy netflixing or whatsapping or “ Oh I have stress” excuse.

Clean body is connected with healthy mind. Would you ever say that you are feeling terrible after a hot shower ? Our Grand mothers used to tell “People who don’t take bath become Rakchasas (Devil) “ – It is absolutely true, Unhygienic body invites negative thoughts !

Forget negativity now your life is at stake with onset of CORONA.

Okay now let’s talk about grooming! You think it’s just human need to be groomed? Ever had a cat or saw one? They are so clean! And they keep licking themselves to look shiny and dandy.

What is the problem in looking organized, shiny and clean? That is all Grooming is all about.

Dress well, Style your hair, Wear a nice perfume if you would like, Deck yourself up if you prefer. The idea is to feel better, Looking good will never make you feel worse will it?

Everything boils down to happiness is it not? Every second humans wants to do things which will make them happy and Personal Grooming and hygiene is a low hanging fruit right in your control.

Personal Hygiene benefits and Grooming together make you feel in control, confident and healthier I must say that. Let us make these little changes in our lives, Re-adopt our old traditions the suitable ones of-course and let stop being educated fools.

As it’s mentioned somewhere our body is our temple let us take care of it.

If you want to learn Personal Grooming in Makeup or Hair Styling you can click here for to look into the option. Stay healthy and Stay Beautiful.