How Much Does A Makeup Artist Earn In India?

This is a wonderful question what is the Makeup Artist Salary in India and I am going to give it to you right away, Also I am going to explain you the rationale and what exactly you need to get this going.

Makeup Artist salary India


  • Salary 15- 25K
  • Certified MUA

1-2 Years Experience

  • Salary 25-45K
  • Certified Free Lancer

2-5 years Experience

  • Salary 45K- 1L
  • Experienced Free Lancer

Top Artist

  • Top 10% of the town
  • Famous & Experienced

Like any job , Salary or earnings increments with Skills, Experience and Personality. Beauty industry net worth is expected to grow to $44 billion dollars which numbing and shows a promising career choice. The Salary bracket shown above is an estimation and depends on your hard work and creativity, It can rise and fall as per your work.

These are 3 major categories which will define your Makeup Artist Salary

1. Experience

2. Skill set



What is experience anyways?

Experience simply means knowing the unknown and how do you really act in a certain situation because you have seen it before. Being a Makeup Artist is not about just having the best of the skills but also about having the experience of handling different kinds of clients, events, and situation. No matter how skilled you are your heart beat will start racing with anxiety if something didn’t go right. In our industry there are 1000 ways for things to fail. Inexperience brings knee-jerk reaction which makes the situation worse. You see time needs to beat you up to shape you as a fine person in life or as a professional.

Make up artists world , Experience counts a lot in determining the charge of the makeup services and clients are willing to pay more to get the look right.

Skill set:

Hey! If you don’t have the right skills experience will absolutely not work here. Let us just say you will always have a bad experience. When you learn makeup artistry then you need to be perfect. Creativity can never be average.

When the word goes out for you it better be a good one! You cannot go on fooling around with clients. If you are getting too many feedback don’t get into the ego and blame your clients for it (Makeup artists tend to do it a lot), Sit down and introspect if necessary go back to the drawing board and unlearn and learn again.


When I say personality it is lot of things together. If you are a Makeup Artist you cannot look unkempt, you need to glow and look perfect all the time. You need to have a presence so that your clients can trust you before they hire.

Your communication skills matters a lot since you will be involved in weddings and fashion industry they want someone with the same wavelength. Your attitude must be down to earth and you cannot look down to your clients at any time. Not everyone does makeup every day, Clients might be getting makeup services done for the first time and you need to show patience and better attitude.You salary depends here please be aware and nice!

Alright with the context loud and clear , Makeup artist salary in India or say Makeup Artist Salary in Bangalore can be from 15 thousand to 5 lakhs a month and may be more depending on how you have managed yourself and how driven and business oriented you are. You will not become rich on the first day however if you have all the three requirements at the right place you will definitely make yourself proud sooner.

If you get things right I assure, you will live happily ever after and if you are lazy and have no train of thoughts you will be most likely to be found working in a cubicle cribbing about life and giving excuse like you always have . Choice is yours !