When it comes to makeup, we open up to a completely different world and it can be overwhelming sometimes. I still get baffled with the variety of products that gets introduced in the world market and to be honest very compelling to try.

However should you just buy anything with a beautiful face on it? Do you really understand the products you are buying? This is a vast topic something we cover in our professional makeup artist courses in detail however I think we must give you an idea and a quick summary about makeup products which are used generally and what they are?

Let’s begin !!!

Moisturizer & Primer –

Yes you need a moisturizer even before you begin makeup. Your skin needs to be prepared and must be supple before you transform into a princess.

Moisturizer must selected as per your skin condition. It can be oil based or water based.

Primer on the other hand lets your makeup stay for longer, It is a base for the foundation and come basically in three formats – Cream, Gel and Powder.

Foundation –

This is exactly how it sounds, it gives you a firm canvas to build your entire makeup look. Without the foundation you can do a very limited makeup.

Foundations come in stick, liquid, cream, and powder form. Each type of makeup varies in coverage as well as staying power. These type of foundation are for different types of skin tones, under tones, skin type and texture. Hence when you are choosing the foundation you must choose the one which is made for your skin.

How to choose the foundation is a separate topic all together and that is something that needs another time and possibly an article.

We do cover all these aspects in our makeup courses.

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Now comes the term coverage, So what is coverage? Simply put it is the opacity of makeup and again the coverage is decided by several factors, majorly the kind of skin’s color and tone and the amount of blemishes , dark circles and spots your skin carries.

So when it comes to foundation you have a segregation of coverage. We have sheer coverage foundations, Light coverage, Medium and full coverage. Full coverage foundations can cover your birth marks, hyper pigmentation and scars. Getting the idea?

The last piece of the foundation puzzle is finish. Most foundations are described as matte, radiant, glowing, natural, and so on.

Foundations that bear words such as ‘dewy’, ‘glowing,’ and ‘luminous’ on the package contain light-reflecting pigments and shimmer to give the skin a radiant finish. These foundations are better for a high-definition makeup for those who want to make dull skin look healthier and more youthful.

Concealer or Color Corrector–

A concealer or color corrector is a type of cosmetic that is used to mask dark circles, age spots, large pores, and other small blemishes visible on the skin. It is similar to foundation, but thicker and used to hide different pigments by blending the imperfection into the surrounding skin tone.

Concealers come in three major types, Liquid concealer, Cream based concealer and stick concealers. Each one used for different skin type and condition, for example Stick concealers are a blessing for dry and sensitive skin. These set into either a satin or powdery matte finish, depending on the product you choose.

So next time do not pick any concealer but the one matches your skin condition and suits you.

Contouring and Highlighters

Very few people are blessed with a chiseled jaw-line and naturally highlighted cheek-bones. So what should the others do? Resent those who have a sculpted face? No, learn the art of contouring and highlighting!

This should be only done when you know how to do it as it really changes the face anatomy drastically. Remember contouring darkens and Highlighters lighten and with this help makeup artists carve your face to look sharper and angular. This creates a magic a in the end only when it’s done in the right way and with the right brush. You can contour your lips , cheek bones, Jawline almost every part of your face.

Blush –

This is something that I am sure all of you must be aware of , Blush as the name suggest creates an artificial blush on apple of the cheeks. This gives a fresher and a natural look, Do it more and you will turn into a Japanese doll. You can pick what you want nothing technical in it. The application however must be done correctly and you must know when to stop.

Eye Makeup Products –

This is probably the most elaborate one and you will be amazed how many products go eye makeup.

Eye Brows – Brows must be kept neat and defined. It must look fuller and can be shaped depending on your face shape. Eye brow brush, Eye brow Pencil and Eye brow powder are used to achieve that perfect brows.

Eye Lids and Crease –

Now it’s of the biggest real estate of your eye. First of Eye base is used like a primer to hold the eye shadow and avoid the crease line. Let me tell you eye makeup is science and if done right, you will look and feel amazing. Eye shadows comes in million varieties from different brands. MAC, HUDA Beauty, Estee lauder, Jeffrey Starr and the list goes on, I personally like HUDA when it comes to eye pallets.

Eye Liner and Mascara –

We all know what eye liner is and probably the most used product by all of us, Mascara on the other hand help define, thicken and darken the eye lashes which is a very important part of eye makeup. A step further false eye lashes which again comes in different varieties can be used to enhance your eye makeup look.


The most common and popular makeup product but wait the variety and the brands are again overwhelming. Starting from the shade and the type of lipstick or lip pencil to the finish like matte and gloss.

Makeup brushes, Beauty blenders, Makeup remover and so many other tools and solution that are used is just a vast topic. However my intent with this blog was to give you an idea what are the most common makeup products and its type. Now you will just not pick up anything from the market.

Secondly buy a world class product or else just don’t buy it. World class products are much safer to your skin and are made into production after long research and development.

In the end if you love makeup learn it for yourself and trust me you will save a lot of money on a longer run.