How to Get Immune & Healthier with these Spices in Less than 30 Days

People used to say that a typical Indian Kitchen is more like a medicine warehouse due to the spices Indians keep in their kitchens. Interestingly while we are all aware that India and Herbs & Spices have a very long connection and played a major role in putting India as a major trade hub on the world map.

Fewer understand the real connection of an Indian with spices, you see spice is just not a taste enhancer for us but holds great medicinal value in our lives. This goes beyond allopathy and focuses on constructing human beings healthier from a grass root level.

It has also numerous benefits for skin care and you can call it organic way of doing makeup.

You must have seen 1000 of products claiming to have these spices in them, My question is why not use them directly

We can write 100s of books if we get on to the benefits of each and every spice which we use in our daily cooking and the numerous benefits it has on our health.

This article is going to be concentrating more on your immediate health and its immunity. I don’t have to mention the perils of low immunity especially during COVID-19, Corona lock down days or whatever you call it. Till we get vaccinated and otherwise it is imperative that we take care of our health and boost our immune system.

I want to give you a 1 month plan so that you can focus on improving your overall health and boost your immune system towards the right side of the graph and I promise I will keep it short and simple as I know you don’t like reading much.

What you need?

Kalonji –

Nigella Sativa or Black cumin or Mangrail or Onion Sees or Kalonji very commonly used in Indian kitchen and very easily available. Ensure they are organic and jet black. You can buy 100 or 200 grams at a time. Do not buy these seeds in bulk.

Saunf –

Fennel seeds or Saunf which you must be very familiar with. Usually it’s taken post meal for healthier digestion or as a mouth freshner.

Methi –

Fenugreek seeds or Methi is again extremely common in Indian kitchen and you really don’t need to visit some fancy store with a green theme to buy this spice.

Health Benefits & Use

Kalonji –

You will be amazed to know more about Kalonji, This spice is so underrated and yet so powerful for your health. Kalonji when taken in right amount and in the right way can give such immediate results.


  • Weight loss
  • Control High Blood pressure
  • Helps control Asthama
  • Protects Kidney from stones
  • Great for skin and acnes
  • Stronger teeth
  • Boosts immunity

Application or Consumption Instruction

Kalonji oil is commonly used and consumed normally 1 tablespoon along with combination of warm water and honey. However I am going to give you another way that works for me since I do not trust bottled cold pressed oil.

Every night take 1 glass of water and add 1 table spoon of kalonji seeds, keep it overnight. When you wake-up in the morning pour the entire water along with the seeds into a pan and boil it. Once the water cools down a little, Strain the water from the seeds and have it like a tea.

The remaining seeds can be just chewed or stored again. Generally I will store these seeds and grind them over a weekend with little water to make it like a paste and apply it on my face and neck area.

Keep it for 10 minutes and wash it with cold water. Just ensure before applying this paste you have cleaned you face properly.

Cycle it for the next 10 days. Consume empty stomach only

Saunf –

Fennel seeds great purifiers of blood. Besides smelling and tasting real good they have amazing healing properties too.


  • Regulate blood pressure
  • Doesn’t let body store excessive water, hence controls weight
  • Great for stomach – Treats constipation, indigestion and acidity
  • Let your skin glows
  • Helps in detox
  • Great for eyes
  • Cures Sore throat

Application or Consumption

It’s pretty much the same what we are doing with Kaonji. Soak one table spoon of fenugreek seeds overnight with 1 glass of water. Morning pour it in a pan and boil it. Once it’s warm enough to be consumed have it like a tea. Don’t throw the seeds, either have it or store it. I store the seeds in the fridge and make a paste out of it on Sundays.

Apply it on your face like a face pack, Leave it on till it dries, and Wash it off with cold water. Ensure your face was cleaned before applying the paste.

Cycle it for the next 10 days. Consume empty stomach only.

Methi –

Fenugreek seeds are great for the heart and organic fat cutter. Easily available in any store and are not expensive at all.


  • Reduces body temperature hence great for fever reduction
  • Treats diarrhea
  • Reduces appetite and fat mass , Great for weight loss
  • Helps during Menstrual and muscle pain
  • Calms you down

Application or consumption

Again it is exactly the same as above two. Take one tablespoon of Methi seeds and soak it overnight in one glass of water , Boil and Drink it. Remaining seeds can be either chewed or stored for skin care.

Since Methi has Vitamin C it helps you lighten the spots and blemishes and helps you look fresher and younger.

Cycle it for the next 10 days. Consume empty stomach only.

So there you have it. Do not buy anything fancy in the form of capsules or oil as you have no idea what is in it. Stick with 10 days cycles and move to the next one. In case you have completed you entire month cycle and seeing great results then to start over put lemon, honey and warm water regime right at the middle for next 10 days and start over with the three spice 30 days cycle again.

There is a lot that can be done with other spices in the exact same way like cinnamon, Turmeric, Jeera etc. however lets not make it complicated. One step at a time.

Below is a cheat sheet for you in case you want to see it in the form of chart.

Have great workout regime. Walk at least 8000-10000 steps a day with stretching and yoga. Do not consume junk and all that nonsense empty calorie food.

My intent of this article is to help you get fitter and boos your immunity to fight corona virus. There is nothing bigger than health and nothing can replace a healthier lifestyle. Ensure you work out daily and eat lot of green vegetable and protein. Keep your carbs little low since mostly you are working from home and not moving enough. Your body really doesn’t need this much of carb. Keep one of your meal carb free. You can have some protein and salad instead.

Whenever you stuff something in your mouth, think for a second what are you eating and why are you eating. Remember what is on your lip is on your hip.

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