Salon industry has tied up with makeup as an add on service for a very long time now. In fact if we talk about India 10-15 years ago we never had Professional freelancer makeup artists at all with exceptions in few of the metro cities. Makeup meant going to Salon wali aunty!

Brides used to go to the salon get ready and then used to head back straight to the mantapa. This probably still happens even today in many of the towns. To be honest there is nothing wrong in this setting. However with the social media, Internet and global exposure, Indians have become more and more conscious about the looks. They have access to International products, tons of information about the fashion trends and makeup by itself. They all want to look great all the time!

We no longer have to wait for imported products shipped or gifted by “U.S wale uncle” neither we have to sneak into customs sale if you know what I mean.

With so much of exposure Indians have changed the taste to a finer level and now they understand makeup is way beyond the Salon style makeover and they are okay to spend more but hire a professional who is probably as educated well to do as they are.

To be honest it’s a revolution in the beauty industry and that is what makes this industry so inviting as an alternate career option.

Let us take a look at Salon and Professional Makeup Artist major differences

Makeup Skills

Salon Makeup Artist

It is almost certain that the makeup artist at your salon is not professionally certified. Which means she would only know to do typical kind of makeup ignoring the face anatomy, skin type, tone, under-tones etc. She has been probably taught basic makeup or a template makeup and she just follows the same process and products on every face.

Professional Makeup Artist

As the name suggests they will be certified makeup artist who understands the skin, face and trends and would always give custom look according to your taste and many other factors. They would always travel to the venue and would be trained to handle pressure, time management and would know the customers and trends of the event pretty well. They can deliver all kind of makeup with perfection.

Makeup Products

Salon Makeup Artist

Salons in general use drug store product which simply means they are not world-class and will never have the finish which a high-end product will create. This is done to cut the cost as they need to keep the pricing competitive. Bigger salons may have high-end products but the application and the technique might be missing. In general, they will not have technical knowledge and composition and application level.

Professional Makeup Artist

Professionals will always use world class products and will maintain and expensive array of international brands to give you a flawless look. They never stick with one brand but use combination of products and exactly know when and how much to apply.

Hygiene and cleanliness

Salon Makeup Artist

Makeup is such a personal thing and I am sure no one wants the same brush to be rubbed on your face which has been used to so many others. Just not the brush but products, Makeup kit, Makeup artist personal hygiene. While my personal experience is not that great it all depends on how comfortable you are with all these aspects at a salon.

Professional Makeup Artist

Let me be honest here, a good professional makeup artist will be trained to keep her products and tools extremely clean and sanitized. We literally train them how to clean the brushes arrange the Makeup kit and maintain the products.

We also train our students on how to maintain personal hygiene from dressing to wearing perfume.

They are critical about allergies and infections.

Customer Service & Experience

Salon Makeup Artist

Usually, Salon makeup artist would stick with the job as they are probably working at a salon and not owning it. They may not follow-up once the makeup is done neither you may get a chance to discuss your requirement in detail prior to getting the makeup done. Most of the cases you would see your makeup artist for the first and last time on your day of makeup. You would also not get to see any feedback about the makeup artist on google as the customers give rating for the salon and not individuals or maybe they would but it’s pretty confusing. You need to be lucky to get the right one.

Professional Makeup Artist

When we give admission to our students in our academy, we keep education as a top priority. Customer service and experience comes with awareness and literacy. We literally train them on the client relationship, communication skills, follow-ups, etiquettes. Our students are well educated, well aware to handle sensitive events and all types of clients.

You may clearly see I am biased for Professional Makeup Artists, not that all the professionals do an excellent job and you will not have complains. You may definitely have a terrible experience working with a professional makeup artist as well however in general there is a base differentiation between the two and if you do have a taste for fine artistry, classier look, great experience and have the money to spend I will always recommend to hire a Professional.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Difference Between a Salon Makeup Artist and Professional Makeup Artist

Some major differences between Salon Makeup Artists and Professional Makeup Artists are that both have different makeup skills. Salon makeup artists use general drug store products but Professional makeup artists always use world-class products. Professional makeup artists are trained to maintain Hygiene and cleanliness around them where salon makeup artists are not. Professional makeup artists are trained to maintain good relationships with their Customers where salon makeup artists may not follow-up with you once the makeup is done.

Do Salon Makeup Artists Use World Class Products?

Salons in general use drug store product which simply means they are not world-class and will never have the finish which a high-end product will create. This is done to cut the cost as they need to keep the pricing competitive.

Why Should You Choose A Professional Makeup Artist?

A good professional makeup artist will keep their products and tools extremely clean and sanitized. Professional Makeup Artists will always maintain a good client relationship, communication skills, follow-ups even after the makeup is done.