Everything You Want To Know About Half Sari Function

Langa Voni | Pavadai Dhavani | Langa Davani

Indian culture has known to be sensitive, descriptive and celebrative. From worshipping trees to animals everyone living and everything nonliving has been given a place of respect and significance.

While many customs which had huge logical significance 500 years ago there are many which still hold water and today and are celebrated even today.

A popular custom specially in south India which is commonly known as Half saree function which has tremendous significance in almost all the states of south India.

What is half sari function?

This is function almost celebrated like a wedding function where the girl once reaches her puberty or to be more specific enters her first menstruation cycle. This function is to celebrate her first step to womanhood. She is now deemed as matured, a rite of passage from a girl to a woman.

The function is actually called as Ritu Kala Samskara ceremony or Ritu shuddhi where girls are draped with Sari in a certain way.

What is Langa Voni , Pavasai Dhavani and Langa Davani ?

It is basically a dress specifically sari which will be draped in a certain way by the girls in south india during half saree function once they reach puberty.

In telugu they call it Langa Voni , In Tamil they call it Pavasai Dhavani and while in karanataka it is popularly known and Langa Davani. A sari draped more like a lehnga.

What happens during Half Sari function?

Half sari function denotes girl entering into her puberty, it’s a celebration of empowerment and rite to passage. Generally such functions equals to a wedding like setup with guests including friends, family and relatives invited. The most common gift includes sari and jewelry.

A complete stage is setup where the girl sits on a special chair accompanied by her parents or close relatives, Invited guests then proceed with presents for the girl and give their blessings.

A modern half sari function includes pooja, a complete buffet of traditional food, Photoshoots, DJ and everything else to make this function more successful and interesting.

Why half sari function is celebrated?

It’s an ancient custom to celebrate a girl coming of age or reaching her first menstruation cycle. The celebration is grand with family showing their affluence and hospitality.

In short this ancient practice reason was to announce that the girl who is now moved on to be a woman is now eligible for marriage proposals. It is not essential that she will be married immediately however the process will begin from this function. Additionally everyone will get an opportunity to see the family, wealth, customs and hospitality.

In a modern day setup, it is just celebrated as a custom and not aiming to marry the girl particularly. However you will still see grand setup for the function which sometimes better than a normal wedding function in India.

Although slowly the numbers are decreasing it still remains a very popular custom in south India.

What kind of Makeup is done during Half Sari function?

If you are a makeup artist then you should pay attention here, half sari function makeup is a complete bridal makeup. However you will have to work your way through to make it look more on the natural side. Your makeup should make her look grand, a little matured but not too aggressive.

The jewelry used is mostly bridal style temple jewelry and hence it is important to plan your makeup accordingly. You may find facial hair of your client which can get challenging at times.

Not to mention the sari drape has to be done to the perfection and you will often find mothers or grandmothers pointing out the mistakes you are making or helping you out to drape. Let them do it as this is important for them, Do not get worked up because of any criticism. It is natural for them to check the flaws.

You know one of the best reason why I love being a makeup artist ? Because we get called for happy moments. Wherever there is happiness there is a makeup artist involved. I take so much of pride working as a makeup artist in India because you get to work with different cultures and people, It is amazing to see the simplicity in complexity.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is the half sari function important to Indian culture?

A. The half sari function is celebrated with relatives, friends, and cousins who come together to give their blessings to the girl for whom the function is held. This function is held when the girl hits puberty, and it is widely celebrated in Hindu culture but mostly in southern parts of India.

Q. What is the traditional makeup worn by South Indian brides?

A. South Indian brides traditionally wear a red and yellow sari on their wedding day. It’s also an indication of good fortune for the bride as well as her family members. The traditional makeup worn by south Indian brides includes henna tattoos on their hands and feet, green vermillion in their hair, kajal in their eyes, and red lipstick with gold dust mixed in it. 

Q. How much time does it take to apply traditional South Indian makeup?

A. A traditional South Indian makeup is a process of applying a layer of powder, henna, and oil on the face to enhance the facial features. It is usually applied by women in order to highlight their facial beauty. The time it takes to apply such makeup depends on the complexity of the makeup and the skill level of the person applying it.