Why is attending a Makeup school important to start your career as a Professional Makeup Artist?

Are you one of those who has been hooked on to YouTube and Instagram makeup tutorial videos and have started thinking of possibilities of becoming a Professional Makeup Artist?

Are YouTube makeup tutorial videos enough to become a Professional Makeup Artist?

One would think why not because they make it look so easy, with all the makeup hacks and pretty awesome makeup transition it becomes almost impossible not to think that way right?

Well! Absolutely wrong, It is far from reality and more difficult than you can imagine to become a successful makeup artist even after makeup artist training if done from a wrong place.

Top 6 reasons why you must join a certified makeup course offline only

1. The Certification: If you ever want to work as a Makeup Artist for corporate or even as a freelancer and want to register yourself to different wedding aggregator websites, you will be asked for a proper Professional Makeup Artist certificate. If you want to work outside India as a Makeup artist then you will be asked for International certification which a very few Makeup schools provide. The certification is a proof that you know basic to advance skills in your niche and capable of executing them independently and professionally. YouTube video views will not help here no matter how good you are.

2. Real world Experience: When you join a makeup school or a makeup academy there is someone with tremendous experience teaching you in person up-close which is incomparable to self-taught videos. Makeup is a so personal you have got to experience it with a real person in front of you and not a camera which allows you retakes. You understand lighting, skin textures, tones, colors and working on someone which changes the game.

3. Basic to Advance techniques: In makeup certification you learn from basic including theory to the most advance techniques which work professionally. Hacks are great for daily and personal life but when it comes to professional makeup services then you have to do things right which are acceptable and are professional.

4. Deep Product Knowledge: In makeup artist training, they will give you a solid product knowledge which is based out of experience not promotion. We often see folks on makeup tutorial videos promoting smoothly about certain makeup brands which may not always work professionally. Makeup products can change from project to project depending on the client requirement and the amount you are receiving from them. A certified makeup artist exactly knows when to pop a luxury makeup brand bottle and when to use a drug store product.

5. Experience: Trust me this so important for a Professional makeup artist, When you join a makeup artist certification course then they will often take you to live events like weddings so that you experience working in that environment. Man it is so tough! You got no retakes, you have this tremendous time management pressure, your hands will shake and often you may just become blank working on a real client. Working on someone else in a professional setup is very intimidating and if you have been learning online then you have been missing this one out completely.

6. Client Handling: In a Professional Makeup training course they will teach you how to handle difficult situation and difficult clients. How to negotiate, How to ensure customer satisfaction and how to do pricing of your services. This information is valuable for your makeup artistry career. Doesn’t matter how good you are with your makeup, if you cannot handle your clients then you can never monetize your skills!

In nutshell if you want to become a professional makeup artist then you must join a professional makeup training course. Professional makeup consultation is necessary while you can enjoy the YouTube nothing against it.

Now if you have made up your mind to join a makeup school ensure you join a proper one, just do not blindly select a makeup school which charges the lowest fees, you might end up with a bad experience and with all your money wasted.

Tips to select the right Makeup school for your professional Makeup course.

  1. Credentials: Your makeup school should be accredited and certified to deliver professional training. You don’t want to learn from someone who is a novice and not a professional.
  2. Experience: Your mentor must be a pro and experienced, always check who will be training you.
  3. Don’t fall for freebies: Many makeup schools will give you offers like free makeup kit. Do not fall for it! No one just no one gives anything for free. Do not go for that FREE makeup kit as you must invest your time and effort in building your makeup stash. It takes months and sometimes years to build a professional makeup kit.
  4. Check if your makeup course includes Business class as this is where you will learn handling the clients and monetizing your skills.
  5. Course Modules: Check the course details and understand what is covered in the course to your satisfaction.
  6. Customer Reviews & Testimonials: Lastly like you always do, closely check the customer reviews and students work online. Google ratings are the best platform to get an idea.

There you have it, Join the top makeup academy in your area with reputation and consider this as a career investment, Do not settle with less and average. Join an offline course we highly recommend not to invest in any online makeup training. Being a makeup artist needs a lot of hard work and creativity. It is expensive, glamorous and an amazing profession where there fittest survive.

All the best !

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does it take to become a Professional Makeup Artist?

A. To become a professional makeup artist, you need to be passionate about your craft. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication. You have to be able to create your own style while working in a team. The most important quality that makeup artists must possess is the ability to multitask and multitask effectively.

Q. What are the benefits of attending a Makeup school?

A. The benefits of attending a makeup school are endless. You can learn new skills, build your portfolio and gain the job experience that you need to get a job in the industry. With the help of Makeup schools, students can learn how to apply makeup in a safe and effective manner which is beneficial for their professional growth.

Q. What are some tips for taking a makeup course?

A. There are a lot of makeup courses out there, but the most important thing is to find a course that fits your needs. If you want to become a makeup artist, it’s best to go for an accredited school or course. They will teach you everything from the basics to the latest techniques and tools.