Get a classy professional look with these 5 Office Makeup Tips

Office is no longer “just brains” world, it never was! You must look presentable and smart along with all the hard work you do.

You are expected to resonate a positive vibe and light up a room when you enter inside and if you manage to do it then your chances to succeed in your professional career almost doubles. Everyone wants to work with a smart professional and not the ones who look tired all the time and do not maintain proper hygiene.

Makeup on the other hand enhances your appearance and is proven to boost your confidence and feel good factor. However if not done right you are more likely to mess up your image rather than building it.

Office is place with several events happening on different days. There are days for your regular work and there are days when you are meeting a client for a deal and then there are office corporate parties or events. Not to mention there are days when you hardly slept at night and you are expected to shine bright at work. If you want to look bright and fresh without looking like you have a lot of makeup on, a no-makeup look may be the best option for you. Makeup technique and choice are different for every event and place, You must choose wisely.

5 Tips for Office Makeup look that will make a difference

1. Wear professional but be comfortable

Professional or formal wear not always means a suit and a skirt. Wear what you are comfortable with even if it’s a Kurti. As long as you can carry it well. There is nothing wrong in wearing Indian dress but it must have subtle colors with pastels, monochromes or anything which is easy on eyes. Ensure it is clean and properly ironed. Do not forget matching accessories as it create a huge difference.

Your hair styling should be kept simple but neat, don’t curl too much and don’t go with a messy buns. Do anything that doesn’t come on the face. The whole idea is to avoid distraction and keeping it sharp. Keep anything which is manageable and is function that is it.

2. Skin Preparation

Good skin means good makeup, do not ignore your skin. It is very important to cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin even before you start your makeup. Apply sunscreen and use a good quality primer. You do that and half of the battle is won already. Do not forget to drink lots of water it keeps your skin hydrated.

3. Daily office makeup Foundation Selection

We recommend not to apply foundation at all unless you have lot of pigmentation and spots. We want you to look a little imperfect and not too perfect. If you do then use a world class product matching your shade.

Please for god sake do not try to look fairer and get a lighter skin tone which is exactly when your makeup starts showing and you start getting comments and looks. Be proud of your skin tone and wear a foundation which matches your skin tone.

4. Concealers , Blush , highlighter, Brows and lipstick for office makeup look

Concealers are great if you know how to use them. You must have the right kind to conceal a typical imperfection on your face. You can use a nice cream stick blush on your cheeks and lips but ensure you are doing this before you apply pressed powder. You are allowed to do your brows, fill in the gap areas to make it look neat

Use a subtle a liner which is not very thick. Go with neutral colors on your eyes like brown kajal and mascara.

Absolutely do not go with colorful eye shadows or even Smokey eye makeup, it’s a big no at work. Essentially you must not use anything that has color in it other than neutrals. For your lips we recommend you to apply nude lipstick shades, if you are feeling different one of the days you can certainly go with brown or light pink.

5. Perfume selection

Perfumes define your personality however when you are not wearing the right one it can be a major turn off. Imagine entering into an air conditioned meeting room and all of a sudden this strong whiff of perfume fills the space and people are gasping for air. Select the right kind which is a toned down version of you. Spend your money in something fancy but subtle.

Alright that was simple, We have not suggested you any brands and makeup product names here as we feel everyone is different and you must buy what you are comfortable with however do not buy something very cheap which will break things up. If you do not understand any of it then I will recommend you to take up personal grooming workshop which will help you a lot keeping things steady and perfect. Makeup is one art that can never be learnt by watching few videos, It needs practice and a good mentor which can be your mom, your friend or a professional makeup artist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. What does an office makeup look consist of?

A. The office makeup look is usually much more natural than the traditional full-coverage makeup look that many women wear on a night out or in the morning when they head to work. This is because you want to keep your makeup looking natural so that it doesn’t distract from your professional appearance.

Q 2. What are the most important aspects of office makeup?

A. The best makeup products for office wear are those that are long-lasting, but still look natural. You want your makeup to last all day without having to touch up or worry about it smudging. And you want it to look like you just applied it this morning, even after a long day of meetings and presentations.

Q 3. What are the best makeup products for office wear?

A. Maintaining a good appearance in the workplace goes beyond just your clothes and hair. It also means paying attention to your makeup. The best makeup products for office wear are the basics: a good foundation, mascara, and lipstick.