6 Steps To Achieve No Makeup Look : Demystified !

Client 1 : Hey MJ , I don’t want makeup but I want no makeup look.

Client 2: I don’t want heavy makeup at all, just a little bit. Make it very natural.

Client 3 : Makeup should not be seen please.

Client 4 : I want makeup but I don’t want makeup

Client 5 : No don’t put concealer and foundation, Just do something little.

What is the meaning of a no-makeup look?

As a makeup artist have you ever come across such questions from your clients? I bet you have and as a client have you ever asked such question? May be you have !

You see makeup has been mocked but makeup has been questioned but makeup has been never written off since it originated 7000 years ago. Many still have the hesitation about people comments which they do dearly with complete satisfaction.

Makeup and Beauty becomes little complicated sometimes because its subjective, For you it may be a nasty look for others it may be a terrific look and vice versa. So as a client or as a makeup artist what do you do?

It is difficult for makeup artists and of course the client to predict how people around would judge it. It has happened to me many times that the client lover her makeup but then that one person came up and said – “I think it’s too much” and the client goes on a mood swinger.

There has been instances where I have felt maybe I could have done better but everyone just loved it so much. On other days the client didn’t like it and had some expectation but everyone around got excited with her new makeup transformation and then client changes her opinion and appreciated.

What the hell do we do then? Since the makeup look has to be approved by everyone the artist, the client and the father in law (It happens trust me).

There comes the safe bet which works most of the times “The Natural Makeup look” or “The No Makeup Look” or “The little Makeup Look” or “The Ideal Bahu Look “

Okay I made this up !

The No Makeup look basically means just that – you must appear not wearing makeup but more fresher and attractive naturally. However the irony is as natural they say it’s NOT.

There is lot of hard work involved including some fantastic products to achieve the Natural No Makeup look. So basically you wear makeup to look natural and as if you aren’t wearing any. Now no one can put you on a spot and you continue to look flawless.

Ultimate clever answer to makeup critiques.

Personally I consider everything as makeup, Even if you comb your hair, moisturize your skin, even a bindi is makeup. I really don’t want to debate on that now though.

What are some steps to achieve the no makeup look?

So how do you get no- makeup look? Remember it’s not easy and takes lot of expertise to create this look. I have summarized 6 steps that may lead you to No Makeup Look.

Shh ! its a secret :)

Step 1: Check the skin tone and even it out for the entire face. Literally no one’s face will have the same even skin tone. For a fresher look it’s important to do this step. Cleaning and skin prep is required in this step.

Step 2: Conceal and correct the spots and blemishes. This step kind of rolls-up to Step 1 however for clarity sake I have put it as Step 2

Step 3: Curl the lashes, Fill in the brows and use mascara, this should do it.

Step 4 : Use a foundation (not mandatory) which is closest to the skin tone and type and blend it really well, If it’s not blended well , It would appear that the client is wearing makeup. If the client’s skin is great you may opt out using the foundation completely.

Step 5: Experts suggest not to use contouring for a natural look however I prefer doing a little just to give that extra pop on the face for a fresher look. If the face is naturally contoured I will then pass on the contouring step.

Step 6: Subtle blush on cheeks and of course nude lipstick which is my personal favorite. A dash of highlighter and don’t forget the setting spray!!

So it really depends on whom you are working and then you need to prepare an action plan. It will comes with experience. The only reason why the No Makeup look trend has picked up fast is the acceptance and comfort it brings along. No makeup look can be worn to office, dinner, functions and in fact many of the brides are asking for natural makeup look.

But how can I end this blog without giving you my 2 cents on this topic. When you do makeup or anything for that matter, Do it for yourself. Do not let other opinions change yours. If you like it then you like it. If they can’t bear your makeup imagine how many more things in your life will be controlled after that. You must be accepted the way you are with your opinion and preference.

For me the real natural makeup is a big fat smile on your face with a liberated mind everything else just complimentary. Do as you wish is the point I am making!

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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

Q1. What is the idea behind a no makeup look?

A. The idea behind a no makeup look is to put your natural beauty on display. It is a way to show that you are confident and comfortable in your own skin. It helps you get over any insecurities and allows you to be more social.

Q2. What is the difference between a no makeup look and a natural look?

A. A no-makeup look is when you wear very minimal makeup. It can be very casual or formal, depending on the occasion. A natural look is when you have your skin tone, eyes, and hair to enhance your features without using any makeup products.

Q3. How can you achieve a natural no makeup look?

A. To achieve a natural no makeup look, it would be best to use the right products. A good foundation will give you a skin that looks more radiant and natural. You can also use lip balm to create a natural lip color and avoid lipstick if you want to go for a no makeup look.