North Indian Wedding: What to expect as a Makeup Artist

Let me ask you this, what is that first thing comes in your mind when you think of North Indian weddings ? For me it’s larger than life decorations, the lights, flowers, the sumptuous food buffets, lovely colorful couture, the bride and of course the band baja and barat.

However not all North Indian weddings are similar infact there are more traditions that you can imagine from village to village, town to town and state to state everything starts changing.

With Movies and TV making a huge influence few of the trends more common than others. After this movie “Hum Aapke hain kaun” , Every girl wanted to steal groom’s jootis. It still happens doesn’t it.

Being a South Indian but brought up in North Indian I can say one thing – It’s an absolute fun to be part of North Indian weddings. You show what you got , you got what you show ! People save money all their lives to squander money on these weddings and it’s crazy in a beautiful way.

The rituals are heavily impacted by the region to region and it is hard to mention all of them. Eight different types of marriages are recognized by the ancient Hindus. Four of them were categorized as ‘Prashasta or proper marriages conducted by following appropriate religious customs. The remaining four were considered as ‘Aprashasta, which referred to inappropriate unions between man and woman that did not follow any Vedic or religious ritual.

The various types of Prashasta marriages are Brahma,Daiva,Arsha,Prajapatya, Gandharva ,Asura,Rakshasha and Paishacha. The last three weddings are abhored and religiously not accepted. For example in Paishacha wedding the groom forces himself upon the bride first and then accepts her as his bride.

The key progression of Hindu weddings are Kanyadaan and Paanigrahan, Vivaah Homa, Laja Homa and Agni Pradakshina, and finally Saptapadi according to Grihya sutras. Other rituals vary according to regional cultures but these are the key steps of a Hindu Marriage without which the marriage would not be considered complete. Traditionally, the bride’s parents host the wedding ceremony and the groom and his family are the guests arriving from outside to the Mandap. All this is followed by Vidaai, During the Vidaai ceremony the family of the bride gives her an emotional send-off and the bride throws back three handfuls of rice and coin over her shoulders to signify end of her debt to her parents for nurturing her and wishing prosperity upon them.

Bridal Makeup and Attire

Believe it or not but many of the North Indian weddings are going for Middle Eastern type of makeup and hair styling. Especially the hair styling is being influenced from Pakistani brides. North Indian Bridal makeup is usually on a louder but beautiful side. They want look at the max on their max wedding. Makeup artist would use almost everything they got to deck up a North Indian bride with an extra focus on the hair styling.

Like any other Indian bride jewelry plays a major role and North Indian brides are ready to experiment from Temple to contemporary jewelry. Even the Mehndi is super extensive and just amazing.

It is a paradise for makeup artists as they love doing North Indian Brides. As far as attire goes it ranges from a heavy Red Benarsi Sari to the most expensive Lehngas you can imagine. North Indians will pour the hearts out in one’s wedding and would leave no stone un-turned.

Don’t forget to join the dancing in the Sangeet function and mostly you will get pulled anyways. So much fun !

All the makeup artist Next time if you are attending a North Indian wedding do not visit the client in your Jeans. Wear something traditional and ethnic , your client would love it. In end “aap ladki walon ke side ke ho! “ (In the end you are from bride’s side) and you must hold the pride.

Enjoy the wedding !

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