What to expect if you are getting your Bridal Makeup done from a Professional Makeup Artist.

Past 5-8 years has been a revolution in Indian Makeup Industry, Not that Indians are new to makeup in fact India is one of the country next to Egypt where makeup originated. It’s the change of technique, Product and most importantly induction of professionalism and enhanced customer experience.

If you have never got your professional makeup done before chances are you will experience it sooner or later specially if you are about to get married.

It’s no brainer whether you hate makeup or love it, you will have to ultimately get your makeup done anyways. Wedding without makeup is like a burger without buns right?

For all the haters and non-believers and the internal beauty faith bearing humans- What if we told you that one good professional makeup can change your complete perception about makeup?

The New definition of Makeup and Beauty

Alright world has changed and so it’s logics. Being beautiful is no longer a big deal, there is zero contribution of yours, you’re good looking father happens to marry to your good looking mother and so they have you as a “beautiful” daughter or son. What did you do to become beautiful? Nothing!

You see being beautiful is an accident and being presentable is Karma. Meaning being presentable is in your hands while being beautiful comes from your genes. Hence the definition of being beautiful is being presentable.

Makeup, Hygiene and wisdom makes one look presentable and everyone wants to be there best version. If you comb your hair means you do makeup! There is no running away.

The New Age Makeup

The new age makeup is all about freedom of choice, Do what you like because you don’t wear it for someone but yourself. It’s a fill in the blank in your confidence.

However general trend is towards natural makeup as most of the brides resist overdoing of makeup as no one wants to look like a plastic doll. Clients love detailed eye makeup and they love playing with colors. This has been always our idea to make you look like you but the best version of yourself.

Who is a Professional Makeup Artist?

Professional Makeup artists are not the ones which you find in Salon. Salon Makeup is the old fashion way of getting your makeup done. Usually Salon makeup is done by beauticians who have very limited knowledge of makeup and may have undergone a short 101 training on makeup. Read the difference between a beautician and a professional makeup artist here

  1. Professional Makeup Artist is well trained and have probably spent years in perfecting the art of making look amazing
  2. Professional Makeup Artist have excellent communication and customer service skills.
  3. Professional Makeup Artist can do any type of makeup for any wedding occasion
  4. Professional Makeup Artist are highly creative and professional
  5. Professional Makeup Artist studies your face and customizes makeup as per your skin type, eye shape, face shape and the occasion.
  6. Professional Makeup Artist look for appreciation more than money, they need to be handled with respect and kindness like you would do with any artist.
  7. Professional Bridal Makeup Artist will always invite you for a makeup trial to check your requirement closely and ensure complete satisfaction.
  8. Professional Makeup Artist always use different world class brands. Don’t expect them to do your makeup with only one brand as they have better understanding and comfort level with certain brands with certain techniques.
  9. More the experience, Higher the quality and higher are the charges. Creativity has no limits and hiring a super experienced MUA will come with a price. However you can be rest assured that they will give you a makeover experience of a life time.
  10. Professional Makeup Artist will travel to the venue wherever asked. Client must ensure that they are treated well with comfort as they need to be relaxed before they start there artwork.

What to expect if you are getting your Makeup for the first time from a Professional Makeup Artist ?

1. Professional Makeup Artist will carry a good amount of luggage with them. This includes makeup products, Hair tools, Accessories, Robe, Camera and Lights. Sometimes they even carry makeup chairs.

2. They will always clean and sanitize the products and tools before use.

3. They will have a round of consultation even before they start makeup.

4. Professional Makeup Artist will advise you on a makeup plan based on your requirement. This plan will be basis your face and skin condition, Never ignore the suggestions.

5. All Bridal Makeup Artists are not professional makeup artists but all professional makeup artist are Bridal makeup artist. Bridal Makeup artist can only do limited bridal makeup where as a professional can do any kind of makeup.

6. Professional Makeup artists are trained to do groom’s makeup or makeup on matured skin. Don’t be shy to ask for makeup services for your partner.

7. Professional Makeup Artists are hair stylist too however do not mistake them as a hair dresser, they will only style or design your hair.

8. Professional Makeup artists are trained for draping sari or lehenga.

9. Avoid getting ready for a bridal makeover at your home, Professional Makeup artist need space and lot of light. If possible get ready at the venue.

10. Professional Makeup artist will always use world-class makeup products, never offer your products and ask for discount. It is not appreciated.

Tip : If you want your makeup to be flawless then make your artist comfortable, Do not bombard her with questions and doubts during the makeup.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

u003cstrongu003eQ.u003c/strongu003e u003cstrongu003eWhat is the difference between a makeup artist and a professional makeup artist?u003c/strongu003e

u003cstrongu003eA.u003c/strongu003e A makeup artist is someone who is hired to do makeup, including airbrushing and other cosmetic procedures. A professional makeup artist is someone who has a formal education in the field of aesthetics and has been trained to carry out the services of a makeup artist. 

u003cstrongu003eQ. What are some of the benefits of using a professional makeup artist for your wedding day?u003c/strongu003e

u003cstrongu003eA.u003c/strongu003e Having a professional makeup artist for your wedding day can make the entire process much easier and smoother. They can help you with everything from your hair and makeup. Having a professional on hand will give you peace of mind that all looks are going to be just as perfect as you want them to be.

u003cstrongu003eQ. What kind of makeup styles do brides prefer?u003c/strongu003e

u003cstrongu003eA.u003c/strongu003e Brides are always on the lookout for the latest trends and makeup styles. They want to look their best on their big day. The most common makeup styles for brides are natural and classic. Other popular makeup styles are bold and dramatic.