If you go right now and ask your mother about her wedding and the bridal makeover experience she will tell you how it was not a big deal back then and probably she visited a nearby Beauty Parlor or someone from there visited her. There was no pre-bridal shoot, No candid photography and neither anyone had to worry about posting photos in social media. What mattered during the wedding back then was Food and how welcoming the host was.

Today! Everything has changed, Weddings are events and they are done with crisp detailing. Everyone has become image-conscious and they want to do everything they can to make the wedding fun, entertaining for the guests and a memorable event for the bride and the groom. So be it a Sangeet function, Mehndi or the actual wedding everything is organized and done to perfection.

Bridal Makeup on the other hand has become an absolute must and brides want it to be customized and done very professionally. 15 years ago most of the Indians had a fetish of looking fairer as they were told since the beginning – Fairer you are more beautiful you look. Even today we get mothers asking to make their daughters look more fair “ Thoda aur gora kardijiye”

Bridal Makeover in a beauty parlor is no longer considered a cool thing, everyone wants to hire a popular professional makeup artist. They want to look great and ready to experiment.

Reasons why Bridal Makeup in a Salon/Beauty Parlor is not preferred by brides anymore !

Makeup Artistry

This is where the skill matters, in today’s modern day Professional Makeup artist spend years learning the art of makeup. The technique, products, brands and high skill-set that a professional makeup artist has is incomparable with someone working in a Salon. Remember beauticians are not makeup artists. Read Beautician Vs. Makeup Artist


Customers are pampered today and they want highest level of customer service and satisfaction. They will pay you more if there is a proper ROI. Professional MUAs are trained to handle any kind of a client. They are well educated and have great communication skills which ensures customer is always comfortable. Time management, Client handling , Handling Difficult situation, Customer engagement are areas where a professional mua will win.

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Professional Makeup artists are smart, well dressed and have a great personality. Client love hiring smart and personality driven professionals as they create a sense of trust and professional behavior.

World class standard

Professional Makeup artist maintain highest standards of makeup services. Starting from hygiene, Product quality, brushes everything is world class. They understand face anatomy and customize bridal makeover as per your face and skin type. However in salons you may end with template makeup which is same kind of makeup on every face due to lack of skills.

Plastic Doll

You must have seen brides looking over the top with some super crazy makeup where you cannot recognize the bride anymore. Huge lashes, White skin and glitters everywhere! New age brides want to look more natural and more confident. The entire style of bridal makeup has changed to more classier and royal version. The same can be only achieved a by trained professional.

Travel Everywhere

Professional Makeup Artist travel to the venue, Even if you have an out stationed wedding they will be glad to travel and offer you the services. This comes as great convenience especially if you are getting married remotely in a small town. You will get this travel convenience from a beautician cum makeup artist in a parlor.

Not enough practice

It is understood that makeup services are not an everyday affair, Client requests makeup only for special occasions. While beauticians do get skin-related projects, they are usually not practicing makeup every day. This impacts the outcome of their makeup. They are undertrained and do not get time to practice this art often. They have a protocol and they follow the same for every client. While full-time makeup artist who only does makeup is usually doing makeup on clients or practicing and creating new art almost every day. They have trained for months and practiced for years. They are the specialists who continuously upgrade the techniques and products while in a salon beauticians are still doing the makeup of the 1990s.

This is a new age where we have specialists for everything and clients prefer going to the specialists for best results. Almost every brides wants to look the best on her wedding day and since stakes are really high they are preferring Professional Makeup artists. The style and taste of makeup has changed considerably, Most of our brides do not demand to look fair neither, and if they do we counsel them. Brides want to look gorgeous, grand and amazing and yet they want natural finish with a glow. The idea of looking like a doll is old age.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 What is the importance of Makeup Artistry?

Makeup artistry is an art form that requires the use of cosmetics and also some other tools. It is a profession that is in demand and has many benefits. There are many benefits to becoming a makeup artist. The career offers you the opportunity to work with different people in different industries, including fashion, media, and beauty. You can also work as a freelancer or start your own business.

Q.2 What are the disadvantages of bridal makeup in a beauty parlor?

It is not always easy to find a good makeup artist in a beauty parlor who can do a perfect job. Some makeup artists may not have the skillset to provide the best service for brides and their special day. Another disadvantage is that some beauty parlors may not have the right  makeup facilities that are required.

Q.3 How does a professional bridal makeup artist work?

Professional bridal makeup artists are highly skilled and trained professionals in the art of makeup. They are responsible for creating the perfect look for the bride on her wedding day. Brides need a lot of time and effort to find the perfect look that they want to have on their wedding day, but with professional makeup artists, it is much easier. Bridal makeup artists are able to deliver flawless looks in just a few hours.