Is it easy to get a job as a full-time makeup artist in India? We have an answer for you!

I am asked this question many times by students or in seminars or even social gatherings – Is it quick money to become a Makeup Artist MJ? Or how easy it is to become a full-time makeup artist?

To be honest such questions throws me off a little because the base of the question is disrespectful. Ask me how difficult it is to become a makeup artist rather than asking how easy it is right?

Like any profession being a full time makeup artist is full of challenges and sometimes nerve wracking, the constant pressure of newness in your work, content for social media, client’s demands and so much more.

Understanding Makeup Artist Job categories

We must understand there two major worlds for professional makeup artists. Salaried and free lancers

1. Salaried Makeup Artist

Are those who work for someone else may be in a salon, fashion house, movies or for a corporate with a fixed monthly salary.


Well the biggest advantage is that you get fixed salary every month and you don’t have to worry about anything else once you are done for the day at least from the job front. Your salary depends on the appraisals just like in any other job.


If you have got big dreams for earning big then this may take a very long time. In India makeup artist salary is humble and you do not earn for what you do. Even when it comes to the corporates or the movie industry.

You will probably end up doing similar style of makeup throughout with nothing new to learn. So yes you do have guarantee of a salary every month but it doesn’t take you very far.

2. Free Lancer Makeup artists

You run it like a business. You freelance and offer makeup services to different client as per the requirement. The client can be brides, designers, movies or editorial shoots etc.


The biggest advantage of being a freelancer makeup artist is the freedom. You can take a break any day, you don’t have a boss and you don’t need to do politics or be part of it. You can be a bridal makeup artist , You can do party makeup , sfx makeup or anything that you want to do absolutely no boundaries.

If you are doing well, you will big bucks and there is no limit. All your dream will come true if you succeed. Just remember big money comes with big sacrifices.


They say to quit your 9 to 5 job you need to work 24 X 7 and it is true. You don’t have a guaranteed sum of money coming to your bank account every month. Like any business your revenue generation will depend on your efforts.

You will be accountable for everything that happens to your business, you have to be constantly engaged in marketing, advertising, procurement, accounting and everything else that you need to do to run a business.

You may have to work on your birthdays, your anniversary on Diwali and most of the festivals as the demand for makeup is at its peak during this time. However you do have a choice for not working on a particular day if you wish to so.

To sum it all up, if you are low risk taker then go ahead and work as a salaried makeup artist, However if your aim is high and want to give it all and ready to work crazy then freelancing it is.

Now let’s come back to the question how easy it is to get a full-time job as a professional makeup artist in India.

Like any other profession, your career will be guided by the following factors which you may also call it as Makeup Artist success criteria.

7 Factors that will decide your success as makeup artist

  1. Core skills – Your makeup skills, products you use and uniqueness of your work, Where and with whom you have done your professional training.
  2. Communication – How well and how professionally you can speak with your clients
  3. Education – How much educated you are as this will decide who will be your clients and where you will work
  4. Personality – How smart , Pleasing and approachable personality you have
  5. Attitude – Do you want to work and practice harder or you will take it easy
  6. Awareness – How well aware you are about brands, curent trends , people , techniques , cultures and history of fashion and makeup
  7. Experience – Experience teaches us a lot to handle our work at ease. Everyone wants to work with experienced professionals.

Alright so depending on the above factors you will either be a salaried makeup artist or a freelancer makeup artist working full time or on need basis. Becoming a Salaried Makeup artist is relatively easy than being a freelancer however please remember if you really want to succeed then these 7 factors will decide your success as a career of a makeup artist.

It is difficult to succeed in any profession and those who do would have worked really hard for it. Nothing is easy and nothing is easy money, even if you plan to rob a bank like they did in Money heist !

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What are the different types of makeup artists?

A. There are many different types of makeup artists. Some specialize in celebrity makeup, while others focus on the beauty industry. Some become professional bridal makeup artists who help the bride look more beautiful on the big day. While some become fashion makeup artists who create makeup looks for runway models or photoshoots.

Q) What are some of the most popular ways to market yourself as a makeup artist?

A. There are many different ways to market yourself as a makeup artist. Some of the most popular ways are through social media, blogging, and YouTube. Another way to market yourself is by doing beauty tutorials on YouTube. This is a great way for you to show off your skills and gain subscribers for your channel.

Q) How does a makeup artist make money?

A. Makeup artists are in high demand in the beauty industry. They help people to transform their appearance, and they can make a living from it. The main way that makeup artists make money is through tips for services rendered. The amount of tips an artist receives will depend on their skill level, experience, and the quality of work that they do.