Why Bridal Makeup is So Expensive ?

Okay let us address this issue once for all. A lot of clients have asked this before and will continue to ask this in future as well. First thing let us determine why anything is expensive?

Any commodity or service which is sold in the market has a price. It depends on the time, material and skills required for that product or services. Cost factor is also determined by experience and its luxury quotient. If you want the best then be prepared to shell some money out.

A perfect example can be having a tea on the streets which will cost you INR 10 and then compare it having a tea at a 5 star hotel which will cost you 10 times more. I don’t have to mention what the differences are.

Having said that let us get to the topic why bridal makeup or in fact any makeup is expensive? Let us admit it, Makeup is a luxury to have and it comes with a cost. To keep it simple lets remind you why you are paying money to your professional makeup artist which will be always on a higher side when compared to a regular side salon/parlor. Let us see if this expense is justified ?

6 Reasons why you are paying your professional makeup artist ?

1.World Class Makeup Products

Those who are new to world of makeup, you must understand International makeup brands are extremely expensive. They are expensive because they use top quality ingredients, offer more coverage, gentle on your skin and gives you mind blowing flawless finish.

If you don’t want to take the risk and have your makeup destroyed on your wedding day then you will have to choose top class makeup products which will come with a cost.

2.Hygiene & Safety

Alright again why would you prefer tea with your family at clean decent place instead of standing on the road is because it’s clean and safe right? Similarly professional makeup artist are well trained to keep every product, brush and themselves clean and hygienic. Makeup artist work with many clients and imagine if they are not maintaining and cleaning their tools before every use? You will end up loading up someone’s bacteria and fungus infection on you. Especially during covid times do you want to take that risk? Professional makeup artist clean their brushes and tools with special solution to ensure all the allergens and bacteria are washed out which someone who is coming for cheap will never be able to do since that solution and process needs investment.

3. Makeup Skills

A trained makeup artist is bride’s best friend during her wedding day. Trust me they can calm you down so well because they have been through it 100s of times. A Professional makeup artist has spend months and years practicing makeup, understanding skin, colors, faces and people. This is why there’s a difference between beautician and makeup artist. They exactly know what will go best on you. You actually relax on your wedding day without having the anxiety of the outcome.

4. Professionalism & Customer Service

As a customer we all have evolved, everyone wants to be treated well with respect and kindness. A professional Makeup Artist ensures time management, great communication, customer sensitivity ,ownership, Follow-up and over all a very professional yet comfortable atmosphere for a great experience. You have to believe me, Makeup is an experience just like entering into a 5 star hotel.

5. Work Experience

This is one of the biggest factor that will determine the cost of your bridal makeup. Imagine you are sky diving and trainer tells you this is my first professional dive.

In any profession you pay for experience because they have done it before 1000 times and have seen it all. You would never want to take risk with someone very new unless you don’t have a budget.

An experienced makeup artist should be your first choice if you can afford it.

6. Physical and mental Stress of the job

If you are one of those who thought makeup artistry is easy and there is no big deal in it then I would like to help your eyes open wide. Makeup as a profession is stressful with intense physical labor. One has to wake up and reach your venue at odd hours, stand for 4-6 hours. To top it all your friends and relatives standing and glaring at them, constantly judging and whispering in ears about the work. It is extremely awkward and stressful.

Many times client will not give you time as they are late however would still expect awesome look. Relatives mounting pressure of being delayed for the Muhurtham , Sudden birth of a new makeup artist in the family who all of a sudden starts giving unwanted suggestions how we should do our job. These are the things one has to deal with when work as a professional makeup artist. It is nerve wracking sometimes and clients are extremely unforgiving if you made one mistake.

Well there you have it, I have been very honest here as to why makeup artist will charge you what they charge with suggestions if you are going to get married and hire a makeup artist.

Tips when hiring a bridal makeup artist

  • If you can afford hire a professional well experienced makeup artist, you will always smile when you are looking at your wedding pics.
  • Professional Makeup artists are well educated and have spent lot of effort to master the art, Give them the respect they deserve
  • Experience counts and if possible always hire an experienced MUA with whom you are comfortable.
  • If you are asking a relative who is a makeup artist then you pay them the due. Do not just hire them because they will not ask you for money.
  • A makeup artist may have to wake up at 2:00 AM and come to your venue. Be grateful and extend courtesies.
  • Do not allow your friends and relatives to teach/suggest how to do makeup. This really upsets your makeup artist who is trying to focus on you.
  • Sit on your makeup chair on time, do not expect wonders in half of the time. This is an art and certainly not a pizza which will get delivered in 30 minutes.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why are professional makeup artists expensive?

A: They are expensive because they use top-quality ingredients, offer more coverage, are gentle on your skin, and give you a mind-blowing flawless finish.

Q. How do professional makeup artists keep their makeup kits safe and hygienic?

A: Makeup artists work with many clients and imagine if they are not maintaining and cleaning their tools before every use. They clean their brushes and tools with a special solution to ensure all the allergens and bacteria are washed out.

Q. Which is the biggest factor that determines the cost of your bridal makeup?

A: Work Experience is one of the biggest factors that will determine the cost of your bridal makeup. In any profession, you pay for the experience because they have done it before 1000 times and have seen it all. You would never want to take risks with someone very new unless you don’t have a budget.