Make-up Artist reveals secrets to getting the best Make-up from your Make-up artist !

Make-up is an artistic expression, if done right, it will re-define your entire personality and if it goes wrong then you will be seen as an outcast with people around you giving free mindless suggestions. Of course it’s a problem finding the right kind of make-up artist as DSLR and Photoshop is available to everyone. You just cannot figure out what is real and what is not these days.

Relationship between a client and make-up artist has to be established and if either one of them is uncomfortable, your make-up is ruined 100%, you will carry that negative vibe all day on your face!

I have been in this industry for more than 13 years and I have had great experiences and worse ones too, in this article I want to give you all those tips or gyan which you must consider to squeeze out all the goodness from your make-up artist.

5 Top secrets to get the best out of any make-up artist

Make them comfortable

This goes first because this is the most important first step. Make-up artist needs to feel comfortable to create a master piece. If you keep them at an edge, they will be anxious and if they are anxious the pressure of the brush will rise resulting in heavier than normal makeup. Give them time to rest when they arrive, Offer water or tea! You know what I mean, treat them as normal human being.  All the artist in the world are slightly sensitive and they will melt away from a good gesture.

Ask for it, don’t teach

Okay so you have something in your mind and the way makeup is going you have your doubts that it will be achieved or not. This is the moment where most of the client will make this mistake which will give terrible anxiety to your makeup artist.

“This is not looking nice!!”

Your make-up artist will be heart broken, unless you politely confirm with her by saying this

“We are doing smoking eyes today right? I just don’t want a very heavy look “

Your makeup artist will either explain you or assure you or keep your advice in mind. That ways both of you will remain comfortable.

If you are surrounded by your friends don’t let them drive your make-up artist crazy. They will start advising on the eye shadow, commenting on the coverage and everything else.

Make-up artist hate to be taught about make-up, they are using the colors and the shadows looking at your tones, occasion and dress you are wearing and the discussion they had with you before. Just because your friend said it doesn’t mean the makeup is not right. At this occasion you need to support your make-up artist and not doubt them.

Trust me a little support from your side and your make-up artist will give her life to make you look stunning.

Give them time

This happens a lot, Client reaches the venue late and then expect make-up to done on time. I know you had traffic on your way and you want to reach on time for your party, however think about the make-up artist, she needs to create a party makeup look and not paint. She would need time to create a look and it just cannot be expedited.

Hurry!!! I have to go …

By saying that you will ensure that your make-up gets ruined. Do not blame your make-up artist later. Please reach on time and give time to your artist. Usually your MUA will explain you how much time this will take in advance. Plan accordingly and enjoy your make-up.

Do not demand one brand of make-up

Professional MUA works with several brands and will not use only one brand of products. They know which product from which brands work well and which doesn’t. Of course, you can ensure that the MUA is using world-class brands but do not demand a particular brand only. More than you they want you to look amazing.

A few times clients would try to give their own brands for makeup and expect an extra discount. This is a major turn-off and unprofessional. First of all, you will not have everything which is required for professional fashion makeup secondly you are majorly paying for the art and not the product. When you buy a painting you are not buying the paint.

Appreciate them

True artists look for appreciation more than money and it is true. While the makeup is going on and after the makeup (if you liked it) then please do appreciate your makeup artist wholeheartedly. Remember beauty is extremely subjective, you may like it few may not, and while few may like it you may not. It boils down to you! If you loved it say it!

Your makeup artist will be so thankful and you guys will close the session with a nice note. Trust me it will show on your face and you will shine with that positive vibe.

So there you have it, nothing out of the box but very important factors that will ensure your make-up artist performs at the best of her ability. Though you have to ensure you hire the best and most experienced make-up artist at the first place who understands every situation and knows how to deal with it.

To summarize – Be nice and in return you will glow , Guaranteed 😊

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do you achieve flawless makeup?

To get flawless makeup, you must have a proper skincare routine. Then use a primer and eye makeup before foundation; after that, apply the correct foundation match, and use blush and lipstick that goes perfect with your makeup.

Q2. Make-up Tips for Beginners to get the best make-up?

Apply Your foundation, and maintain your eyebrows with a spoolie brush; before applying lipstick, exfoliate your lips. Don’t forget to use blush; use a tissue and powder to set your lip colour.

Q3. Which makeup should I use every day?

You should unquestionably see blush as a daily beauty necessity, regardless of the season. Blush has the power to instantly make your skin look beautiful, healthy, and glowing when combined with an SPF moisturiser and a dash of mascara.