Makeup Artist reveals secret behind How to Make Makeup Last All Day?

Touch-up, back to the party and repeat, if this is how you are handling your makeup then you are not alone. This is a major problem where your makeup doesn’t last long and cracks open with a little bit of weather, movement or sweat, but you need to have the best party makeup. We teach the same techniques in our Professional Makeup course in Bangalore Makeup school.

5 Long-lasting Makeup tips for you

1. Good Skin, Good Makeup

Makeup is not magic! it will not turn anyone and everyone into Aphrodite “the goddess of beauty”, If you want the best results then you must take care of the skin. Your skin must be cleansed, hydrated, exfoliated and protected. If you book makeup artist and you have a lot of breakouts, acne, and dry, flaky skin, then you have to increase the product load in terms of coverage. They will be forced to layer up makeup on your face. Whenever there is layering chances are that makeup will melt away from your face making it worse. The moral of the story, take good care of your skin!

2. Always use good branded makeup products

Yes, I totally get it that makeup products are super expensive at least the good ones and you also get alternate products which are much cheaper, however, there is a reason why they are expensive. Of course, there is this cost of brand value and trust added to it but the point is these guys have spent tons of money experimenting in their labs with safer ingredients which give you the best result. The formula is what makes a huge difference. If you have to invest then invest in the best. These are factual long-lasting makeup tips worth to be noted and investing into.

3. Primer

We have learnt during our personal grooming courses that most of the clients are not aware of primer and if they are they had not been using it properly. As the name suggests primer creates a base for makeup products to stick on by sealing moisture from the skin. First, do the skin prep which is cleansing, toning and moisturizing post apply a good branded primer on your face and let it dry. Voila! you are ready for the makeup.

4. Use the correct formula for your skin

Okay this is a vast topic but just to give an idea, not every product is suitable for any skin type. There is an array of products for different skin types, Oily skin demands a particular formula while dry skin needs something else. The question is are you using the correct makeup product on your skin? This is the reason why so many clients come to us for personal grooming or self-makeup workshops so that they get professional guidance on makeup. You can find similar workshops in your city as well.

5. The Secret Technique

  • The Setting Spray and Translucent Powder usage:I am assuming you understand what a setting spray is – It is sprayed on the face once the entire makeup is done. The setting spray helps keep the makeup in place. Similarly, Translucent powder is used to set the makeup. Usually, it brings a matte finish. Now most of us do not use a setting spray or translucent powder at all or if we do then we just spray it normally and dry it out.

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  • The tissue or blotting paper hack:Keep a soft tissue or a blotting paper in your bag just in case you didn’t use the setting spray or powder. As soon as you feel your skin moisture, oil or sweat has started surfacing from your skin, Start dabbing the affected areas. Ensure you don’t go hard on this one. Do it gently dab dab dab! This way you will be able to extend your makeup life a little longer.

Hope you found this article helpful, remember makeup is not about changing yourself but becoming the best version of yourself, Use it to make yourself happy and not someone else


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Why does my face look dry after applying foundation?

A. Silicone-based foundations may stick to dry areas of your skin, making patchy, uneven skin appear. Water-based foundations offer a dewy appearance and are more hydrating. Avoid using a matte or heavy coverage makeup, suggests Stell.

Q2. Why will my makeup not stay on?

A. Makeup may clump and stick to dry skin spots due to dehydration or dryness. When you apply foundation, your face may appear to be peeling. Additionally, oily skin can lead to makeup smudging on the face. Before applying makeup, follow a proper skincare routine and prime your skin before applying makeup.

Q3. Is setting spray better than powder?

A. Setting spray can give a softer appearance with less obvious texture than setting powder, which is used to absorb oil all over or in specific places. Setting spray keeps your makeup on, including setting powder, mascara, and even lipstick.