Booking a Bridal Makeup Artist for your wedding? Read this before you book!

Yes! bridal makeup for reception is a big deal these days and one must not take it lightly at all. Brides are spending big to ensure they have that perfect glow and image on their wedding day. It’s a world of social media and reels and now you are looked at first even before they decide to check who you are.

Weddings have become like Projects where proper planning, prioritization and risks are measured and mitigated. Bridal Makeup is the top priority or let’s say Brides are the face of the wedding, A complete centre of attraction.

So how do you select your risk-free, experienced, amazingly skilled bridal makeup artist out of 1000s of photoshopped photos on the internet?

To make it simple for your brides to be, I will break this down into questions that you must get answers to from your bridal makeup artist hunt.

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What is your Bridal Makeup Budget?

Let me put this down as bluntly as possible. If you thought, you would get this done for 5000 bucks then it is not happening. Do not underestimate Makeup, it takes a tremendous amount of skill and effort to make you look, what you want to look like. So, if you don’t have a budget then save for it, Low budget will only get you average to poor work with a whole lot of risks involved. If you don’t care about that, you may just quit reading the article. To be honest, saving a couple of thousands will not make any difference because when you open that wedding album and watch your wedding videos, you will cringe!

How experienced is your wedding makeup artist?

Again, if you care about quality and peace of mind, you will not hire anyone with 5 years of experience. You see it’s just not about makeup, it is the experience and reassurance that will matter on D-Day. Trust me usually brides go numb when their wedding day arrives, guess who is with the bride during this time? It’s your makeup artist!

Have you researched enough on your Bridal Makeup Artist?

Alright now this is where you need to become a total Sherlock Holmes, Check the following

  • Website – Does it have quality or does the aesthetics look average?
  • Google – Type out the name of your makeup artist in google and see the footprints, did you find other references about this makeup artist as well? Anything other than their own website, if you do then great!
  • Reviews – Check Google Reviews, Other reviews if present on matrimony websites. What are the customers saying? If the professional makeup artist has received 1 star, what is the comment and what has been responded to by the client?
  • Social Media – Check out the quality and class of photos and videos of this makeup artist on Instagram or Facebook. Did you feel awkward after watching those reels? Did you find those photos extremely photoshopped? Were those reels extremely dumb? These are the signs of maturity and quality of a makeup artist, Choose carefully!

Would your Professional Makeup Artist accept Party Makeup?

Always check if your wedding makeup artist will accept party makeup for your mom, sisters or friends. If yes, then make sure you have figured out the timings. You don’t want your mom to reach the Mantap after your wedding. Ask if she will be getting additional makeup artists to handle party makeup and set the expectation on the timings very clearly.

Who will do Groom’s Makeup? 

If you just widened your eyes seeing this then don’t, It is very common now for a groom to get his makeup done. In fact, 99% of the weddings we do, Groom’s rock their makeup flawlessly. However, be aware there is a completely different technique used for Groom’s makeup. It should only cover 80% of flaws and it should not appear they are wearing any makeup. Ensure your makeup artist is capable of doing so, If not then think again!

Negotiating with Makeup Artist?

Everyone negotiates and there is nothing wrong in negotiating, It depends on who needs whom more, If the makeup artist is in need they may come down to your price and if you really want that makeup artist you will settle into their estimates.

However, the psychological trick is this – If your Bridal Makeup Artist doesn’t agree to drop any further then for sure your makeup artist is busy and gets business just like that. She has the confidence and take pride of her work. If your makeup artist drops the price from 10 to 1 then it means she has less work and she doesn’t want this opportunity to go. Are you getting my point? Save money but don’t save that much which puts your service at risk. Negotiate calmly they are artists and not vendors on the street.

Alright, so let’s settle this, Do not select a makeup artist who is charging you the lowest, Do not select a makeup artist who is charging you the highest, You have got to hit the sweet spot. A little research, a little chemistry and an appreciation for artistry will make up you a bride you have never imagined. When your kids grow up and when you check your wedding photos with them, You will have a smile on your face 😊

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How do you approach a bridal makeup artist?

A. You should be aware of the following information, especially when questioning them about their experience with bridal cosmetics and hairstyles: How many brides have you assisted in the past? What styles of bridal makeup do you create?

Q2. What should I look for in a bridal makeup artist?

A. You need to consider three things: the makeup artist’s style, How experienced the artist is, and know your budget and the quality you are looking for.

Q3. What is essential for bridal makeup?

A. Making up for a wedding is complex. Two things must be done in order to ensure that a bride’s makeup is flawless. First and foremost, the bride should be joyful from the inside out so that her inherent beauty can show through when makeup is applied.